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9 Most Offbeat Romantic Proposals Ever

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Romance, they say is all about the element of mystery and being different. And people have different ways of conveying their love and popping the question. From using skybanners to leaving a ring in a slice of cake, saying ‘Will you marry me?’ is getting a whole new spin. Here’s what folks have done…

Movie trailer: Did you know one creative guy actually made a trailer of himself saying how much he loved his girlfriend and played that in a theatre. His girlfriend was there with her pals and of course, she loved it, totally!

Set up an ad in the paper: This one must have a backdrop. So take out your better half on to a beach or on a day long cruise and show her a paper. Ask her to see the page that has an ad saying: ‘Lost. In your love. You make me the happiest man alive.’ It’s sure to bring on the tears.
In a subway: A guy once got an entire choir to do a sing-along in a subway. She walked in unsuspicious and they took off. It was spontaneous and fun.

Flash mob proposal: This is another huge trend. It gives ‘taken by surprise a new meaning’. Recently a guy tried it when he took his girlfriend to lunch at a restaurant and in the midst of the meal, a group of strangers broke out into a romantic song for them.

In a hot air balloon: A lot of couples have also been taking to the skies in a balloon ‘chariot’ to announce their feelings. There are actually tailor-made packages with a basket of goodies in the balloon for the couple to savour.

Write it across the sky: One adventurous-minded guy got a skyplane to streak across the sky over a field with a banner that had the words, ‘Be Mine Forever’ and got his girlfriend to see it. He then asked her to marry him.

Underwater proposal: There can be nothing as calming and tranquil as being underwater, surrounded by marine life and that’s what couples are trying out in their proposal too. One man in Devon rented scuba equipment for himself and his girlfriend and popped out a sign with the words, to her, in that serene atmosphere.

Try setting up these …

Have a photo exhibition of you two: Rent a small space and display all the photos of special moments of you two. She’s bound to love this.

Beachside dinner: Just head out to a beach and set up a small area with a dhurrie, lots of candles on a table and strew roses around. She’ll be thrilled with it.

Send her a song: Forget the usual bouquet of flowers, instead go to a radio station and dedicate a song to her, especially if it’s her fave track.


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