Ladies, Earning A Higher Salary Doesn’t Mean You ‘Wear The Pants’ In...

Ladies, Earning A Higher Salary Doesn’t Mean You ‘Wear The Pants’ In A Relationship

By iDate Daily on May 18, 2014
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by Patrice Danielle

Patrice-Danielle-tells-women-that-earning-a-higher-salary-doesnt-mean-that-they-are-wearing-the-pants-in-the-relationship.-www.iDateDaily.com_-300x277There is no question that in today’s 21st century, more and more women are dominating the work force and proud of it. A household with two working spouses is very normal in today’s society. With women holding down jobs and climbing corporate ladders the way we are in 2014, what are the rules as it pertains to the woman making the majority of household income? Does this give a woman the entitlement of “wearing the pants” in the relationship? How does a marriage in which the woman makes significantly more money than her husband differ from a marriage that is vice versa?

I’m certainly no expert in this category, and I’m not married; however, there are qualities that supersede the amount of money my significant other makes that would determine if he is marriage material. Being that drive, persistence, and intelligence are three of them, I think it would be hard to find myself spending time with someone who doesn’t make enough money to support a future household of mine. Now whether or not he makes more or less than me really does not matter. I don’t think making more money determines whether you “wear the pants.” A man has his role and a woman has hers, and while society has outlined those roles, it is up to couples to define what they each mean in their relationship.

Manly qualities such as protecting and leading, give men ownership of the pants in their relationships — in my opinion. A woman should feel safe in following her husband’s lead and trusting him with making the ultimate decisions for their family. Money shouldn’t determine nor define these capabilities. Providing an emotional support system, as well as being a father, give men ownership of the pants in their relationship. In addition to the aforementioned, being able to balance a family and supporting a wife with her endeavors by making her feel strong and protected, also gives men ownership of the pants in their relationships.

It’s not necessarily all about who makes more money when it comes to who leads the household. What does “wearing the pants” really mean and does the majority income provider wear them?

Patrice Danielle is a blogger and show host for She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in accounting from Florida A&M University and the University of Notre Dame.

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  1. Great piece Ms. Patrice. But don’t you think the economic dimensions of this higher earning between men and women has a serious effects on our psycho-social life as some men will feel not ready to get married and those who’re married will still feel insecure. Lest we forget, we ain’t the same in terms of our thinking pattern. The thing is; if my wife earn more than me its even good for the family. Its for us to spend judiciously. This earning disparity starts from university admission.

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