Ladies, Here 10 Things That Make You Desirable And You Never Even...

Ladies, Here 10 Things That Make You Desirable And You Never Even Knew It

By Beauty And Tips on May 27, 2015
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Okay, you know the obvious things that men find attractive about you. Your mini skirt. Your stilettos. That way you wear his baseball cap (or any of his clothing). Your red-hot lipstick. Your knee-high socks.

But did you know there are a number of things men find desirable about you that you just didn’t know about? It’s true that there is more to men than we thought (I know, right?!), and it’s true that there is so much more to their likes than seeing a woman in a mini-skirt whilst dolled up to the nines.

So to make sure that you start emphasising your other qualities without having to try and walk upright in a pair of high heels in a night club, let’s take a look at 10 things that make you desirable and you never even knew it.

1. Your No-Makeup Days

Sure, men go weak at the knees when women make the effort to make themselves look glamorous using makeup, as well. They love the gorgeously done hair, the dark, seductive eyeliner and the intoxicating lipstick. But they also love it when women simply let their hair down and walk around undone. No matter what you might think, it is beautiful in its own way, and seeing you all natural is often a real-turn on for the man. It shows you in your true light and men appreciate this and find it very cute.

2. Your Fear Etched All Over Your Face

I know, this one sounds terrible, right? Why would any guy want us to look terrified? Is he insane, perhaps? Or, worse still, a total psycho?

Nope, he’s a totally normal guy! The problem is that we just didn’t realise that us being afraid make us super desirable. The thing is, guys love to put an arm around the women they love and comfort them whenever they’re scared. This, in turn, makes you desirable and one thing leads to another. Our top tip: allow him to be strong by allowing yourself to be a little weaker!

3. Your Accent

We’re all embarrassed by our accents, aren’t we? Wherever you’re from the south of France, London, New York or Berlin, it’s quite possible that you try to change your accent when you meet a hot guy.

It all goes wrong, of course, and you invariably end up sounding like some deranged version of Joan Collins.

But, see, guys LOVE your accent. They find it cute and attractive. So rather than try to hide your accent, flaunt it! Give ‘em what they want, as someone in showbiz once said.

4. Freckles

If your face is sprinkled like cinnamon, a guy is going to make a bee-line for you in no time at all. Some girls are blessed with these cute-as-heck embellishments, yet some see them as a weakness and a mark of ugliness. But this could not be any further from the truth because many guys turn into jelly when they see your face sprayed with a thousand sprinkle. It makes you look adorable, vulnerable, sweet – desirable.

And, nope, you can’t get a pen out and draw freckles on your face. You either got it or you don’t.

5. Your Workout Session

Working out makes you all sweaty and exhausted. That’s gotta be unattractive, right? Ew, you bet!

Wait, what? No! Actually, guys love it when a woman is working out. They love all that sweat, all that exhaustion and all that panting. So don’t be afraid to let your man see you workout because his desire is being ramped all the way up to eleven.

6. Glasses

Let’s get one thing straight: glasses on women are hot. Like, smoking hot. Guys love them. If you have to wear glasses but prefer to hide them away when in the company of your man, you should really stop doing that. They want to see you in them! Indeed, a lot of guys actually prefer you in your glasses than without them. There is no real science behind this, but it’s just the truth that two rimmed circles around your eyes do a good job at framing your face. And the thicker the frames are, the better.

Glasses are also a sign of intelligence, which guys love!

7. Stretch Marks

A number of women invariably end up with permanent stretch marks once they’ve given birth to their child, and this can be a point of worry and stress for some women. They begin to believe that these ungainly stretch marks will make them undesirable to their man. The truth, though, is that guys absolutely love them, because they primarily remind them of the fact that you gave birth to his child. Seriously, when your back is turned at night, your man takes great comfort in seeing those marks.

8. Your Towel Head

For one reason or another, guys just love it when you’re fresh out of the shower and you’re walking around with a towel on your head. We can’t decide whether this is because it reminds them of the Aubrey Hepburn look, or because it suggests that underneath your robe you’re naked. Perhaps it is all down to the suggestion of things, but one thing is true – a mans desire goes right up to 10 when they see you walking around with that towel on your head.

9. Your Laugh

We get really embarrassed by our laugh, especially when we think we have a raucous one that is always louder – and longer – than everyone else’s. But the truth is that guys can’t resist a lady who likes to laugh. Each laugh is different, and your is either going to be cute or seductive to the guy. Either way, every time you chortle, you’re more and more desirable to him. Perhaps it’s something to do with him seeing your super smile, or perhaps he’s turned on by your happiness in his company.

10. Getting Caught In The Rain

You might think you look terrible and unattractive when you’ve just returned from a rain shower, and you might definitely feel terribly unlovely. Guys, though, love it. Seeing you all wet, head to toe, is a real turn-on for guys. It reminds them of the time you shared a shower together, and moreover it also tells them that any minute now you’re going to be getting out of all those wet clothes and getting naked. This is something they just can’t resist.

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