5 Ways The BetterMe 28-Day Fitness Challenge Changed My Life

5 Ways The BetterMe 28-Day Fitness Challenge Changed My Life

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It is hard not to notice an ad that keeps popping out in your Instagram feed. That is how we came across BetterMe fitness and weight loss app. It’s as if they know when people are looking for certain items, wow. After consulting the BetterMe review sections on AppStore and PlayStore, we saw that the customers are happy. Would we be happy, too, if we tried BetterMe app for fitness? So we tried its 28-day challenge, and here’s what come out of our experiment.

Better Me Changes Life

BetterMe app and you!

The app can be installed and set up in just minutes. You download it on your iOS or Android device (BetterMe is available for a free download on AppStore and PlayStore, respectively). The app then asks you a couple of questions on your weight, age, height, your target weight (it’s a weight loss app, after all), and your food preferences. Oh yeah, BetterMe app has an built-in nutrition section to accompany your exercising and make counting of calories easier.

Next, you choose the body area you would like to work on. And that’s it, you can start right away. Or at any time, because the app allows you to set a number of pre-workout reminders.

The exercises are a series of video-guides you are supposed to follow. The guys from BetterMe say they put their heads together with fitness and experts and nutritionists to develop the workouts and meal plans, and it shows. We’ve found the workouts effective – they are short, no more than 15 minutes per set, and no gym equipment needed, but the moves are composed in such a way that they make all the relevant muscles work.

The meals are a nice addition, since they take your mind off the quest to find the perfect menu to go with your new fitness regime.

BetterMe and the Truth Pill

Is one BetterMe 28-day fitness challenge enough to become a healthier person? We’d say that the entire set of seven 28-day programs will work best.

Does BetterMe fitness app offer a flawless experience? Unfortunately, we cannot say the app has reached the peak of its potential. But what makes BetterMe stand out among others – trust us, we go way back with various fitness apps – is that they are willing to improve and incorporate users’ feedback into the features of the app. Glitches are fixed almost instantly. All in all, BetterMe app offers a pleasant user experience.

Better Me Changes Life

Is BetterMe a free fitness app? No, it’s not, though you can try it for three to seven days for free. The catch here is to cancel the auto-subscription, which not many people know they should do in order not to be charged by AppStore or GooglePlay. But this is easy to do in respective store apps.

Are meal and exercise plans good enough? They are certainly good enough to help you develop the right habits, that is, exercising regularly and eating healthier. The workouts get a solid A- from us (it’s currently not possible to play your own music during exercising, which can be a bummer for many), and the meal plans are currently worth a B (more diverse options wouldn’t hurt).

Is it possible to become more fit and more healthy with the help of just a fitness app? This is, most likely, the question you’re asking yourself when browsing a list of wellness, weight loss and fitness apps. But we’d say this isn’t the right type of question. You should be asking yourself: Should I finally change into my workout clothes I bought three years ago and start working out? And the answer is yes, it’s always a yes.

Better Me Changes Life

If you have the BetterMe fitness app, do you like it, and do you think BetterMe reviews reflect the real state of affairs :)?


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