How Man With No Arms And Legs Sexually Abused 6-Year-Old Girl (PHOTO)

How Man With No Arms And Legs Sexually Abused 6-Year-Old Girl (PHOTO)

By Eseme MacDonald | Associate Editor on January 14, 2016
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A man with no arms or legs has been convicted of sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl at her birthday party.

The severely disabled man, named only as Tomy S, was invited to the party by the little girl’s mother.

The mother had met the 35-year-old through a home for the disabled where she worked as a carer.

He was arrested after the girl, named ‘Paula’, told her mother he had sexually assaulted her during the party at their home in Chemnitz, east Germany.

A court heard how Tomy S molested the child after pretending to be a vet while reading a story to her and her friends in her bedroom.

Tomy S then told the other children to leave the room so he could ‘examine’ the birthday girl.

Paula told the court via video link; ‘Tomy was pretending to be a vet. We were playing a game of dares, and he was allowed to examine me because he was the vet and he put his head on my stomach.

Chemnitz - This man has taken advantage of the intimate friendship of a young girl shamelessly. On her Back to School Party Tomy S. walked (25) of small ABC shooter Paula K. (6) between the legs. For the physically handicapped had to answer in court yesterday. A few years lived Tomy S., who since birth has no legs or arms, in the living center of the Workers' Samaritan Federation (ASB), operates in the Paula's mom. "The mother brought the child frequently - therefore we knew each other," said the defendant. "It developed a little friendship. The girl invited me to school early celebration. "There he is said to have the girl asked the kids to take off leggings and panties, pressed her head between her legs. Eleven months on probation expect to wheelchair users. Eleven months on probation expect to wheelchair users. Only about half a year later, Paula confided to her mother. "He told me I should not betray it," the girl confessed later intimidated the investigating judge. "He was my friend. But he has done something very bad. After that he was no longer my friend. "The accused denied the fact, wanted to have only read and played with the child.

(Picture: CEN)

‘Later he told the other children to leave the room and I had to take my trousers off and lay on the bed.’

Tomy is said to have then used his head to interfere with her sexually.

Tomy S denied all accusations claiming that the little girl had made the story up and no such game had taken place.

‘What she is saying is just not correct. I spent the whole time reading stories to the children.’

The court found Tomy S guilty of child sexual abuse.

Giving him an 11 month suspended sentence, Judge Michael Mularczyk said: ‘You are just trying to protect yourself. We are convinced of your guilt.’

Tomy S was also banned from any future contact with the family.

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