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Man Sues Ex-wife For Insulting Him On Facebook

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An Abu Dhabi man has sued his former wife, over allegations that she was insulting him on Facebook.

The woman is facing charges of defamation and violating cyber laws at the Abu Dhabi Misdemeanour Court in Saudi Arabia. The man has demanded Dh21,000 ($5717) in temporary damages from the accused.

While filing his case before the court, the man, who wasn’t named, complained that his ex-wife wrote in a Facebook post that he caused the death of their son, a few years ago through negligence. He said that in another post, the woman accused him of being involved in witchcraft activities.

The man, who is a teacher, told the court that given his social standing, the posts were insulting and undermining him.

“The comments my ex-wife posted on social media damaged my reputation in the eyes of the public including hundreds of my students, bosses and friends,” said the Arab man.

The woman denied the charges of defamation and violating online laws when she appeared in court.

She told the court that her ex-husband made false accusations against her because he wanted to avoid paying her alimony and the monthly expenses for his children.

“I have never mentioned his name in any of my posts on social media,” said the woman.

“These are just malicious allegations against me. The man only wants to use this opportunity to dodge paying the monthly alimony and taking care of his children.”

The woman asked the court to clear her of the charges.

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