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‘It’s time to have a baby’: Kris Jenner Pressures Kendall, 26, To Get Pregnant Or Freeze Her Eggs

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Kris Jenner and her daughter Kendall shared a humorous scene in which the momager tried to convince the off-guard model to take steps to have a baby on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

Kris, 66, shocked Kendall, 26, with a discussion about freezing her eggs, which caused the catwalk star to momentarily choke on her coffee.

‘It’s my life. I don’t know if I’m ready yet,’ Kendall replied, after Kris suggested she should have a baby, seemingly out of nowhere.

‘Maybe it’s time to have a baby’: Kris Jenner pressures Kendall

‘When you were born, I made your body inside my body, so I made your eggs inside of me,’ Kris explained. ‘That means I made —’

‘—My eggs. I’ve seen this on TikTok. Are you watching TikTok?’ Kendall interjected.

Kris decided to call up her OB-GYN out of the blue, who recommended a cycle of egg freezing, adding that it would be more successful since Kendall was still young.

Kris likely had Kendall’s boyfriend, Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker, on her mind while talking her daughter into planning ahead for a baby.

Kendall had previously met Devin while she was still in a relationship with Ben Simmons, but they were spotted together on a road trip together in April 2020.

The pairing raised eyebrows, as he had previously dated Kylie Jenner’s banished BFF Jordyn Woods, who was cast out of their circle after Khloé Kardashian’s partner Tristan Thompson kissed her at a party.

By June, things had accelerated and the two were reportedly hooking up, though not yet serious.

The two continued sharing photos of each other on social media in late 2020 and early 2021, showing they weren’t afraid to hide the relationship.

They made things Instagram official with joint posts of the romantic outing for Valentine’s Day last year.

Since then, they’ve been inseparable, but don’t expect to see Devin anytime soon on The Kardashians.

Showrunner Danielle King told Variety that Kendall won’t be including the NBA star, though her friends will be more prominently featured this time around.

Before the chat about freezing her eggs, Kendall also got an unpleasant surprise when an offer to cover US Vogue was rescinded — with her sister Kim Kardashian getting the covers shoot instead.

Kris met up with Kendall later in the episode to break the news about losing out on the cover, but she didn’t have to say anything as Kendall’s agent had already informed her, which was a big relief.

‘I’m happy for my sister, and she should be really happy,’ Kendall said kindly. ‘There’s not an upset bone in my body because it went to the right person.

‘I’m happy to give it up to my sister,’ she added.

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Kris was over the moon at how well she took it in a confessional chat.

‘Kendall is the best! She’s the most delicious human being in the world,’ she said.

Elsewhere, Kim tried to make amends with her family for how her ex-husband Kanye West had ‘treated’ them over the years.

She shared her regrets over how the superstar rapper had behaved in recent years after most of her famous siblings dropped by for a lovely family dinner at her home.

The group — which included Khloé, Kendall, Kourtney, and her future husband Travis, and their mother Kris with her boyfriend Corey Gamble — sat down for a heart to heart at a breakfast nook before moving over to the dining room.

Their chit chat was interrupted when both Kim and Kris got the same text message revealing that Kanye was preparing to release a new song.

‘It means he’s talking s*** about me and probably saying whatever,’ Kim explained to her confused siblings.

‘You’re the mother of his kids and have been nothing but great to him,’ Kris said. ‘One day your kids are going to read all of it, and see all of it. And that’s something that everybody has to be really aware of.’

She added that ‘When people are saying disparaging things about any of us, it hurts all of us.’

Khloé said the only thing Kim could control was her own actions, and she said she would ‘never regret’ being kind to others.

Kim vowed that she would never ‘stoop’ to her ex’s level and suggested that Kanye had ‘always’ treated her family poorly, suggesting the issues preceded his battle with bipolar disorder and their split.

‘I protected that for so long, but I said I will never let that happen to you guys again,’ Kim said defiantly.

Kim sounded excited to have her family back together after saying she had ‘zero time’ recently to spend with them while she studied for law school and raised her four children.

Before dinner was served, Kourtney and Travis shared that they had to refrain from any kind of sex or exercise while undergoing a cleanse to help them conceive a child.

Kourtney added that they asked for some clarity from their advisor. ‘What about oral sex? What about hands? What about feet?’ she recounted asking.

‘Feet?’ inquired a confused Kris, which got a sheepish laugh out of her oldest daughter.

Once the elegant dinner was served, Kourtney revealed that she had finally had a conversation with her former partner Scott Disick about his rude behavior around herself and her family due to her relationship with Travis.

She recounted how he called her to ask about sports equipment for their son Mason, only to ask, ‘By the way, should I just expect to not be invited to dinners from now on?’

‘Honestly, there’s some unfinished business, and then I just said a conversation would be helpful to get out of this strange place,’ Kourtney recalled saying.

Luckily, Scott sounded open to the chat. ‘”Of course I’m interested. This is my life,”‘ she recounted him responding.

Khloé thought that was a positive sign and mentioned that it took years for ‘mom, dad and [Caitlyn] to get comfortable around each other.’

Earlier in the episode, Kim had the spotlight on herself as she showed off her modeling prowess during a photoshoot with Kendall.

She was continuing her Balenciaga collaboration with a new ad campaign that was being shot in her home and would subsequently be featured on billboards.

‘I feel like I’ve already been in a campaign,’ she said of her time wearing the fashion house’s clothing at the instigation of Kanye.

While she was being styled before the photoshoot, Kris dropped by and Kim revealed that she had worked on the contract herself to practice what she had learned of contract law so far.

‘Who better to practice on than myself?’ she said in the makeup chair.

‘You’ll still get 10 percent,’ joked Kim’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to Kris.

Later, Kim went through an enormous warehouse filled with all of her old outfits, and she says there could be as many as ‘30,000 pieces’ in storage.

She admitted that she wasn’t sure what her new style should be. ‘I’ve always had Kanye there as this crutch to teach me so much about fashion,’ she said.

‘The status of my relationship with Kanye hasn’t really been clear to people because I was trying to figure that out too. And I’m ready to move on,’ Kim admitted in a confessional.

She was joined by her publicist Tracy Romulus, who shared that Kim has an amazing memory and could remember what outfit she wore on a given date, along with how her hair was styled and what kind of eyeshadow she wore.

To prove it, Tracy asked her about her New Year’s Eve outfit from Las Vegas — ‘What year?’ Kim had to have her specify — and the Skims founder seemed to nail the details.

While going through outfits, Tracy reminded Kim of the time Kanye apparently cleared out her closet and replaced everything in it.

‘I forgot that I can make decisions too,’ she said of her newfound independence.

For the Balenciaga shoot, she later met up with Martina Tiefenthaler, the chief creative officer for the fashion house.

‘To know that one of my favorite designers ever is valuing my opinion and wants me to be me is just a good, empowering feeling,’ she bragged.

Kim gushed that Balenciaga let her use her own hair and makeup team and to rock the long braided ponytail extension she had been wearing around that time.

But during some downtime, Kris dropped by and revealed the good news that Kendall had been potentially offered the cover of American Vogue.

However, there was a bump in the road, and the magazine had decided to bump her and to offer the cover to Kim, who had already graced it twice before.

‘I feel so bad,’ Kim said, and Kris wasn’t sure how to break the news.

In a confessional, the aspiring lawyer joked she would have ‘killed’ Kendall to get the cover from her 15 years ago.

Kris wondered if she should just say nothing, and Kim laughed at the idea of her little sister suddenly seeing her on the cover at a newsstand.

Later, at the Vogue shoot, Kim said she was feeling confident and like a new person.

‘Nothing I would wear before felt like me. This is me,’ she said as she gushed about having more control in choosing her outfits and style.

She was interrupted by a FaceTime call from Anna Wintour, who complimented her outfit and was happy about the items Kim planned to wear.

‘You look perfect,’ she enthused.

While Kim was working on finding herself, Kourtney and Travis were focused on their fertility journey.

After her last egg retrieval was unsuccessful, the two had decided to try a Panchakarma cleanse, which she said was a ‘3,000-year-old’ practice that would remove ‘toxins in our tissue.’

However, the bizarre practice has not been scientifically validated, and many nutritionists believe it could even be dangerous, according to WebMD.

Kourtney did the cleanse 10 years earlier, and Travis was open to it, as it was the only option she had mentioned that he hadn’t tried yet.

He seemed agitated about not being able to exercise or have sex for a week, though he was still playful and affectionate around Kourtney.

She warned him that she was on ‘so much estrogen right now’ that it might give her severe mood swings.

‘I’m OK with a bad day, or a rough day with you, than a day without you,’ he replied sweetly.

‘OK, good luck,’ she replied with a perfect deadpan.

Later, they were joined by Martha Soffer, their Ayurvedic expert who was supervising the cleanse.

Kourtney recounted their last appoint where a ‘doctor’ told her that Travis had ‘grade-A’ sperm. His medical advice seemed questionable, though, as he had urged her to drink Travis’ semen ‘four times a week.’

‘Love this doctor,’ Travis added.

He started rubbing his hands all over his love and kissing her. ‘I love you, I’d do anything for you,’ he added.

They followed up the meeting with a trip to Martha’s spa, where they would be going seven days in a row for four-hour spa treatments.

Kourtney was going to have a ‘yoni steam,’ or vaginal steam, in which she would sit nude over steaming water filled with herbs, though there is also no medical evidence that it has any benefits, and many OB-GYNs argue that it could be harmful, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Kourtney also got a ginger foot bath, which was supposed to bring ‘warmth to the womb.’

For her vaginal steam, she sat down on what looked like a toilet seat covered in towels, while draping another towel over herself to protect her modesty.

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