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Meet The ‘World’s Sexiest Dwarf’ That Men Are Dying For (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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The ‘World’s Sexiest Dwarf’, Karina Lemos, who is 4ft 3ins tall has been the centre of attraction for many men across the globe due to her revealing pictures which prove that it is not all about the size.

Lemos, a model and actress from Brazil has garnered to herself a whole lot of fans despite her nature.

She already has 35,000 followers on Instagram and also regularly appears on TV.

A male dwarf was filmed touching himself inappropriately when Lemos was gyrating and doing the Gangnam Style dance in a paddling pool.

According to Mirror UK, Lemos insists that she is proud of who she is, specifically her size.

She said: “I don’t have hang-ups about my size, quite the opposite.

“I put in a lot of hard work to stay in shape.

“I know that people find me attractive, because they have told me many times.”

Most of her male fans have been all over her sexy photos on social media and usually do not relent to drop their views in the comment box.

One of her male admirers asked her to marry him sometime ago.

“Will You Marry Me?,” he wrote.

Although it is not clear if the proposal was serious or just one of those things men do on social media.

Check out her sexy photos below. (Click on any image to enlarge).

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