Military Vet Catches Wife Having Sex With Man, Guess What He Did...

Military Vet Catches Wife Having Sex With Man, Guess What He Did [WATCH]

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A military vet, Brian May, 25 came home earlier on a fateful day only to catch his wife having sex with another man.

May served five years in the United States Marine Corps before being honorably discharged from the service in January 2015.

After catching his drunk wife naked with the man, May chased off the intruder who took to his heels immediately.

May recorded the entire scenario and promised to show his wife’s command for necessary punishment as adultery is against the uniform code of military justice for people in the armed forces.

Narrating the incident on his GoFundMe page titled, “Divorcing and my ship is sinking”, May said,

I flew in and took a taxi to my house. First thing I noticed is that there is an unfamiliar vehicle in my driveway and none of my vehicles are there. I go inside and start recording and immediately notice my 3 year old daughter down stairs, alone, watching a show on the computer. I go upstairs and into my on suite bathroom and find a man leaning over kissing my wife who is naked and drunk on the toilet. I escort him out, being very careful not to be violent toward him and he literally runs away! I tell my wife that I’m going to her command with the video as adultery is against the uniform code of military justice for people in the armed forces.

After she realized that her career is in jeopardy she starts assaulting me and reaching for my phone (to destroy this evidence). I tell her multiple times to stop otherwise I would have to call the police and she continued. At this point my daughter comes up stairs to explore her curiosity as to what is happening and is witnessing this entire thing. I’m on the phone with the police and my wife continues to jump on me and attempts to prevent me from calling the authorities. She locks me in the room and keeps pursuing me but I manage to get out of the room and run downstairs to find my front door wide open and I can hear my daughter screaming outside. As I go to get her, my wife Jumps on my back and tries to choke me using a sleeper hold. I warn her three times to stop otherwise I would have to defend myself and made it very clear that our daughter was outside and that we needed to stop. She applied more pressure to the choke and that’s when I flipped her over my back and ran to tend to my child. I pick her up and calm her down and decide that it would be best if I waited for the police outside. My wife gets her clothes on (she was naked up until now) and comes outside and forcefully rips my child out of my hands and causes her to start crying again. I follow them inside to assure that my wife isn’t leaving with my child and to get some water. Again she pursues me and attempts to get my phone, she jumps on my back again to which I have to throw her off and then I run outside to which her friend shows up and prevents her from pursuing me further while the cops finally arrive soon after that. She gets escorted out of my home and my daughter stays with me for the night as a result of this incident.

Watch the footage below:


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