Multimedia: Explore 3 Specifications Of Slimline HDMI Sockets

Multimedia: Explore 3 Specifications Of Slimline HDMI Sockets

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on October 6, 2020

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI socket is a receptacle or a port into which an HDMI cable is plugged. This external interface smoothly transmits digital video and audio data. HDMI is used as a standard socket for connecting various high-definition multimedia equipment. It transmits all incompressible high-quality video signals and data for 3D TV.

Apart from this, the HDMI interface is also capable of protecting data from unauthorized copying. It supports a cable or Ethernet connection speed of up to 100 Mbps. HDMI sockets are gaining popularity due to its multi-purpose utility.

However, one, in particular, is catching the eye of the public than others. Ultimate Slimline HDMI socket is an efficient media socket outlet that is available in a Euro model.

Ultimate Slime White Moulded HDMI Sockets

These sockets remain true to its name, offering slender and elegantly crafted white molded accessories. The premium range of designs turns the product over to see tailored features that offer easy and fast installation. Part M, essential supply, and complete rocker options ensure that it is always prepared to suit your precise needs.

Features and Specifications of Slimline Range

1. Slim Aesthetics

Ultimate Slimline sockets are elegantly curved rockers that give it a refined style. Its ultra-slim construction with minimal back projection offers an easy installation process onto standard flush mounting boxes, including 16mm ones. Individually bagged products ensure that they are kept right up until their installation.

A consistent styling is followed throughout the Slimline range of products where the same profile is shared between switches and sockets. The innovative slim aesthetics also help enhance overall house interiors.

2. USB & HDMI Ports

With the average home now containing a multitude of smartphones and other gadgets, there can be issues of cable mess and a lack of available plug sockets. USB and HDMI sockets come in handy for the Slimline range that directly helps solve these problems.

You may attach various devices or gadgets to these sockets as long as they can easily be connected with either a USB or HDMI cable. While the HDMI socket is standard, you can find a common Type-A USB connector in this range.

3. Compliance-Ready

The Ultimate Slimline range of HDMI sockets follows the RoHS directive. This is entirely in line with Schneider Electrical Environmental policy and EN50581 standards (or IEC 63000:2016).

Apart from this, the Slimline range also offers IP20 as an IP degree of protection with BS 3041 as standard compliance.

Specification Highlight of Slimline Range

  • Colour coded terminals and printed terminal numbering to aid cable installation
  • Single and double-pole switch options for added safety
  • Colour balanced back molding to improve identification in low light levels
  • Fully plated earth strap for a corrosion-free life
  • In-line socket terminals for easy cable entry
  • Twin-earth terminal on 2-gang sockets for enabling installation in areas requiring high integrity earthing
  • 50A rated plate switches for switching appliances with higher current ratings
  • 50X50 Euro module with brush outlet

HDMI Socket for Home and Commercial Establishments

Many adaptors are available for the HDMI interface, like HDMI sockets or adaptor. However, only some like HDMI sockets are effective in transmitting long-distance signals for data transfer and other works. Since these devices are useful in every setting, be it home or office, investing in them becomes essential.

Even after learning about them, HDMI sockets can be difficult to find. For this, you can connect with electric device specialists to choose your suitable HDMI sockets. Contact their customer service to learn about products or research online to learn about your suitability.


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