Mum Catches Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex With Elderly Man, Guess What...

Mum Catches Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex With Elderly Man, Guess What Happened Next

Rape is rape sexually harrassed

A woman has caught her 12-year-old daughter right in the act of hot sex session with a man old enough to be her dad in her shop.

The 35-year-old man, who has obviously lost control of his deadly libido had previously impregnated the young girl last month after he had sex severally with her.

Mlamuli Dube deceived the Grade7 school girl with the ‘I love you’ sweet talk and she unfortunately fell for his antics.

Her mum who smelled a rat of her daughter’s affairs with the man deceived her daughter that she was going out.

She passed through the shop around 7pm of the fateful day and beheld the sight of her daughter in a sweet love making session with Dube.

According to reports, the pair used the shop of the teenage girl’s parents for their usual sexual escapades.

She took her to a hospital for a medical test and the result was even more shocking than expected- her daughter had fallen pregnant for the man.

The woman flew into rage and reported the matter to the police in Zimbabwe who waded into action immediately and arrested Dube.

She went further to file a report against the sex pervert in the court.

The girl whose identity was not disclosed for legal reasons usually stayed back in the hop after the staff member must have gone home.

Dube pleaded guilty in court and promised to marry the minor.

He said, “Your worship I admit that I fell in love with a minor and impregnated her. I promise to marry her as I love her so much,” said Dube.

In as much as he pleaded guilty, Dube was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment; three months were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within five years.


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