1 Thing ALL Women Should Try When Masturbating

1 Thing ALL Women Should Try When Masturbating

By Metro UK on January 8, 2016

Showing yourself some self-love can be grand, but it can get a little frustrating when you just can’t make yourself have an orgasm.

Because if you can’t do it yourself, how will you instruct anyone else to do it for you?

And more importantly, how are you going to make yourself feel amazing on your own, whenever the heck you want?

That’s why we’re always up for hearing another woman’s advice on how to make masturbating even better.

This time around it’s Redditor adeepermystery, who just shared a truly earth-shattering revelation about why she (and maybe many others) has been struggling to reach completion.

i'm masturbating I told you I'd be doing that all day samantha sez and the city

She explains that at age 33, she may have just accidentally stumbled upon the reason she never comes during intercourse: she’s always tensed her muscles when she’s trying to come – when she should have been relaxing.

‘So, I’ve always tensed my muscles when I’m trying to come. I hold my breath, as well, which is a hassle of a habit, but a hard one to break.

‘Last night, I had just taken a Flexeril [a muscle relaxant] for a muscle spasm in my neck when I decided to take a little self-love time.

‘I couldn’t tense my muscles as tight, and coming while they were relaxed felt incredible! I thought the whole point was to clench everything, then feel the release…but this was like wave after wave of beautiful feelings. I probably came five times, each more amazing than the last.’

just relaaaaax

Describing the several orgasms she had as a result as ‘earth-shattering’, adeepermystery points out that our failure to discuss sexual stuff with our friends could be resulting in LOADS of women missing out on orgasms, simply because no one ever chats about what could do the trick.

She wrote: ‘As women, we don’t discuss what feels good to us sexually.

‘No friend or female family member had ever said, “Oh, you tense up? Yeah, try relaxing instead.”‘

So, everyone. Let’s all take a moment to thank adeepermystery for sharing this frankly mindblowing revelation (for some women, not the ones who’ve secretly known the power of relaxing all along), and start chatting more about the stuff we like.

Just think: the more tips we share, the more magical masturbation could be.

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