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Newlywed Wife Commits Suicide Because Husband Banned Her From Using Facebook And Whatsapp

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A woman reportedly killed herself after her husband seized her internet-enabled phone and banned her from assessing social network sites such as Facebook and Whatsapp.

The 20-year-old woman identified only as Aparna from Kerala in India, had been married for just four months but was usually bored because her husband was not always at home owing to the nature of his job as a truck driver.

She resorted to keeping busy with her phone, chatting up friends and some other persons she deemed fit, but her husband identified only as Kerala, complained that she was becoming addicted to Whatsapp and Facebook and subsequently took it from her and reportedly gave her another phone that couldn’t be used to browse.

She started using the phone and gradually began to feel depressed until she felt the best option was to commit suicide inside their bedroom.

According to The Times Of India, the woman used another phone to ring up her elder brother and told him what had happened before she then locked herself inside her room and did not heed appeals from the family members to open it.

Her corpse was discovered by her husband on the fateful day when he returned to the house after hanging out with friends.

She was rushed her to private hospital, but was declared dead on arrival before her body was taken to Government Hospital, by the police who arrived at the scene.

Kerala felt so devastated at the sight of his wife’s lifeless remains hanging down loosely, so he attempted to commit suicide but for the timely intervention of his relatives.

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