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Nigeria at 63: Valentine Ozigbo Sends a Message of Renewal, Hope, and Possibilities

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ABUJA, Nigeria – In an uplifting message marking Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day, Valentine Ozigbo, a 2021 Anambra Gubernatorial Candidate, and a host of other commendable titles, including being the Special Adviser to Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, and immediate past President and Group CEO of Transcorp Plc, extolled the boundless potential of Nigeria and its people.

In an Independence Day statement issued on Sunday, October 1, 2023 and personally signed by him titled, ‘Nigeria at 63: New Month, Renewed Nation, Infinite Possibilities’, and delivered to the press, Ozigbo hailed the youths and women of Nigeria for playing a crucial role in sustaining the nation.

“From October 1, 1960, our nation embarked on a journey filled with hope and aspirations,” began Mr Ozigbo, emphasising the vivid dreams of the country’s founding figures. He acknowledged the nation’s challenges, noting they have “threatened to derail our collective ambition.” Still, he insisted that the foundational dream is immortal, persistently inspiring younger generations.

Ozigbo, a multiple-awarding-winning CEO and one of a few Kaizen Global Champions, pointed out the burgeoning youth-driven push for democracy and justice in Nigeria, crediting it as a mechanism that builds upon past legacies. This movement, he emphasised, dreams of a “New Nigeria”— a land where every citizen savours the bounty of shared resources and heritage.

Ozigbo’s message, which was laced with optimism, painted the 63rd Independence Day as a symbol of Nigeria’s enduring strength and a harbinger of a future teeming with prospects.

One of Nigeria’s most recognisable philanthropists who is the founder of VCO Foundation, Ozigbo addressed the youth, underscoring their unparalleled energy, creativity, and spirit. “The future we often speak of belongs to you,” Ozigbo said, pressing them to channel their innate strength towards unity and transformative change.

Ozigbo’s heartfelt letter didn’t stop there. He honored the formidable women of Nigeria, whose “strength and grace” stretch across various spheres, from local markets to corporate boardrooms. He expressed deep gratitude to them, noting, “You nurture, lead, inspire, and transform.”

Highlighting the potential of his beloved Anambra State, Ozigbo described it as a reflection of Nigeria’s untapped possibilities, brimming with entrepreneurial spirit and cultural wealth.

He concluded his stirring message with a call to unity and action. “Together, let’s pledge to not just dream but also act, ensuring Nigeria’s best days lie ahead of her,” he urged.

The entire statement is reproduced below: 


Dear Compatriots,

As we usher in the month of October, it is with a heart full of hope and gratitude that I extend my warmest greetings to our great nation on its 63rd Independence Day. 

From October 1, 1960, our nation embarked on a journey filled with hope and aspirations, with the dreams of our founding fathers and mothers as our guiding star. 

These dreams, radiant in their promise and potential, have been a bittersweet tale of partial realisation, often hijacked by vested interests and detours that have threatened to derail our collective ambition. 

However, the very essence of these dreams has never faded; it remains indelible, never forgotten.

In fact, the dream lives on in our hearts, continuing to ignite the flames of passion and purpose in our younger generations. It’s this undying spirit of hope that fuels the youth-driven movement for democracy and social justice. 

This movement, underpinned by the legacies and aspirations of our predecessors, ardently works towards birthing a New Nigeria—a nation where the ideals of our founders are fully realised, where every citizen enjoys the fruits of our shared heritage and resources.

So today, our 63rd Indepedence Day stands as a testament to our resilience and fortitude and as a beacon pointing towards a future filled with infinite possibilities.

To the heartbeat of our nation, the vibrant youth: your energy, ingenuity, and spirit remain unmatched. The future we often speak of belongs to you, but its realisation rests upon your choices and actions today. Let’s channel that innate power towards innovation, unity, and positive change.

To the indomitable women of Nigeria: your strength and grace continue to shape our nation in profound and subtle ways. From the markets of Onitsha to the boardrooms in Lagos, to the medical labs of Zaria, to the academic halls of Uyo, your influence transcends. You nurture, lead, inspire, and transform, and we owe you a depth of gratitude.

Anambra State, my beloved, remains a microcosm of Nigeria’s untapped potential. Our entrepreneurial spirit, rich culture, and boundless resources await to be fully harnessed for the good of not just our state but the entire nation.

As we celebrate Nigeria at 63, let us remember that renewal is a continuous process: a process that requires commitment, collaboration, and, above all, love for our motherland. Together, let’s pledge to not just dream but also act, ensuring Nigeria’s best days lie ahead of her.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! Let us embrace this new month as a renewed nation with endless possibilities.

Warm regards,

Valentine Ozigbo

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