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WHAT?: Woman Makes YOGHURT With Bacteria From Her VAGINA

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A female scientist has produced yoghurt from her own vagina and then drank it as a part of a bizarre experiment, Mirror UK reports.

The PhD student of University of Wisconsin, Cecilia Westbrook decided to use her vaginal fluid to make two batches of her very own natural yogurt which she read from a cookbook documenting recipes of making yoghurts with sperm from men.

Ms Westbrook said, “In a way, it’s so obvious. Like, of course you can make yogurt out of your natural flora. But who would think to do it?

“And of course the feminist in me wants to say something about how there’s a beauty in connecting your body to your food and exploring the power that your vagina has.

“Part of that is kind of a mystical hippie thing, but part of it is also just getting comfortable with your own body, especially in a culture that is so uncomfortable with women’s bodies.”

She collected the ingredients with a wooden spoon and fermented them overnight in a dish.

Odd as it may sound, she woke up the next morning and yes, the yogurt was ready and she tasted it and confirmed it tasted as nice as an Indian yogurt.

Her inceredible ‘personal’ inventory was documented by close friend Mrs Janet Jay.

Jay said,  “Every vagina is home to hundreds of different types of bacteria and organisms.

“The dominant bacteria is called lactobacillus, which also happens to be what people sometimes use to culture milk, cheese, and yogurt.”

However, when the consulted a microbiologist at the University of Idaho, Larry Forney, he warned them that it was a not healthy

He told them that by carrying out this experiment, they ‘could end up with a bad batch’ owing to the number of bacteria prevalent in a vagina than lactobacilli, which could possibly lead to things going wrong.

Additionally, an official with the US Food Drugs Administration, Theresa Eisenman told the pair that vaginal fluids could pose a threat to human health when ingested.

“Vaginal secretions are not considered ‘food’, and they may transmit human disease, a food product that contains vaginal secretions or other bodily fluids is considered adulterated,” said Eisenman.

So you may as well love to try out some ‘vagina yogurt’ and share the story of how it tastes whether yucky or yummy.

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