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Okechukwu Ofili: Is Nigeria Ready For A Break Up? [The Trent Voices]

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When we hear about another bomb blast, our gut reaction is to think about a break up.

On paper it’s easy to talk about the break up of Nigeria. But we have to realize that break up is messy. Most people see the picture below … a clean North and South break up across the middle of Nigeria, dividing us along religious lines, where we draw up the border, shake hands and everybody carries on with their lives. I mean how hard can this be …

But that is not what will happen, Nigeria will likely disintegrate across ethnic lines like the Soviet Union into factions of smaller sometimes irrelevant Nations … that will keep breaking up like a Meteorite crash landing into earth. Squabbles will go on and on for years about borders, about religion, mineral resources and stupid ish like who gets to keep Abuja and who truly owns this land or that.

And the Western and Eastern nations? They will come to our flying aid, offering us food in the day time and ammunition at night. Our break up will be like a nuclear fission reaction, the splitting of the most populous black nation into several different fragments. And like any nuclear reaction our split will produce energy, energy so great that it will stimulate an entire economy but in another continent. 

You see at the end of the day, we have formed too much as a nation, grown together for so long, so many things are forged together that a break up will be like a painful surgery, a decade long amputation but without any anesthetics!

Are we ready for that?


Okechukwu Ofili is an author, speaker, and blogger and a The Trent Elite Voice. Follow him on twitterFacebook or subscribe to his blog for more honest talk and as @ofilispeaks on instagram for more sketches! To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. His third book How Intelligence Kills was published in December 2013, order it at https://bit.ly/intelligencekills.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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