Opinion: 5 Reasons People Like Robin Williams Commit Suicide

Opinion: 5 Reasons People Like Robin Williams Commit Suicide

By Opinions | The Trent on August 13, 2014
Robin Williams

by S’ola Filani

When Robin Williams, died Monday at age 63 of an apparent suicide, many wondered why the actor who made people laugh and happy with his comedic roles in the movies, couldn’t make himself happy.

A fan tweeted;

Another fan wrote,

Yet, another tweeted;

In the recent past, we have seen some of our beloved actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman and singers like Amy Winehouse end their lives through substance abuse, a suicide, some would call it.

The truth is, we have all felt pressure at some point in our lives – celebs are no different, only they lead their lives in the limelight for all to see. Unfortunately, some celebs couldn’t handle the pressure, and ended it all, albeit tragically.

Let us have a peek on some of the reasons why these beloved actors like Williams commit suicide:

1. Depression – The most suave, common reason of all suicide cases in the world. People going through depression often cloak their feelings; they always have just one answer to all questions hovering in their minds “Everyone would lead a better life without me or I am as equivalent to as extinct”. If such feelings occur simultaneously, the final end to all distress is killing self.

Studies have shown that, suicide victims get so consumed by the depression and by the feelings of not being worthy that they forget all the wonderful things in their lives.

People who are severely depressed can’t see past their failures, even if they’ve been as successful as Robert Williams.

2. Dashed hope: Hope of getting a promotion, hope of getting a grade better than last year, hope of marrying the true love, hope of never being cheated by a best friend, hope of getting through a tough examination. Hopes are in aplomb and to get lost in hopes is as common as being crashed. Not many people can handle dashed hopes.

3. Frustration: Sometimes enough is enough… we try to fight out all odds and thrive towards success. We have tried out all possible means to have our paths cleared but some way or the other, we are down with failure. Thus, when frustration creeps in and we are fed up of trying, no other way seems so easy than ending this life and leave all isolated path behind.

4. Fear: If you say you fear of nothing, then you are definitely a liar. You can fool the world but not your soul. There is something or the other which makes your heart pump a thousand times more and your body numb with fear. That something is the thing which has driven most people towards the epitome of insanity and then the final destination is not hard to guess – suicide.

5. Regrets: There is not a single person without regrets, however it is your decision whether to live with the regret or get motivated by the regret. Sometimes, most of us confine ourselves within the four walls and become a sadist trying to dissolve it in tears. If the regret is too hard to bear, they try to get away by bringing an end to this life.

Depression is a real disease. If you are depressed and/or having suicidal thoughts, please seek help immediately. You are not alone and it can be overcome. Before you take the plunge towards the end, have a thought about your dear ones and the blissful moments with them!!!

Rest in peace Robin!

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