Opinion: The Monumental Lies Of Muhammadu Buhari

Opinion: The Monumental Lies Of Muhammadu Buhari

By Opinions | The Trent on November 4, 2015
Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria APC
Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, shown here on June 14 in Johannesburg, South Africa. | Mujahid Safodien/AFP/Getty Images

by Portia Emilia Anthony

General Muhammadu Buhari said he had only one million Naira in his account and 150 cows to his name before he became president and you jumped, clapped and said, “Yes, that is a man with integrity. He is dirt poor.”

Shortly after the elections, and without declaring his assets publicly, you realised that Buhari has N30 million in his UBA personal account and owns a palatial lakeside estate in Asokoro, Abuja worth over N2 billion. You said, “It is okay, Buhari is a man of integrity. He can own a house anywhere. He is not as rich as IBB, Abdulsalam, or Danjuma.” Instead of you to call him out for what he is, a man of questionable character.

He said he borrowed N27 million to buy his nomination form to run for president on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and you clapped for him that he is “so poor” he had to borrow money and no president had ever been “so poor”.

A few weeks later, the wife of a “poor” general, makes a donation of N130 million to internally displaced persons in Adamawa. Because her name is Aisha Buhari, some people raise eyebrows and ask, if she had N130 million to give away to the real poor people, why couldn’t she give her “fake poor” husband a paltry N27 million to buy his form. You said, “Oh! She is from a very wealthy family, the same family of Nuhu Ribadu who also is an acclaimed “poor man” with cows to his name.” Without probing deeper, you swallowed the story of Aisha Buhari’s “wealthy family” hook, line, sinker, and fish.

Buhari said he owns nothing abroad, but yet his wife lives at Mayfair in London. Mayfair is one of the most expensive and exclusive neighbourhoods in the world. So, you really believed the lie that Buhari’s family, would live in a government assisted house (council home) in UK? I repeatedly told you that Buhari owns the house in Mayfair where Aisha Buhari stays… instead of doing research or at least some cognitive reasoning, you decided to call me names… Oh, never mind.

While, Buhari was petroleum minister, N2.8 billion (valued at N645 billion in today’s money) grew wings and flew away from the NNPC account in London. Buhari claims he knows nothing about it. You decided he was innocent until proven guilty, after all, he has sold you the dummy that he is Mr. Integrity. Yet, you feel comfortable hounding Diezani Alison-Madueke for money that IS NOT MISSING of which a Senate committee investigated and cleared her of any wrongdoing following allegations fabricated by Buhari’s brother Sanusi, the Emir of Kano. Buhari – innocent until proven guilty though money got missing under his watch; but Alison-Madueke – guilty even if proven innocent on money that is not missing.

Buhari said he would bring back the Chibok girls within 30 days of assuming office. It is going to six months now instead of you demanding for the return of the girls you said you want to give him time. Okay, Buhari, please take your time.

He promised to wipe out his misguided brothers, Boko Haram within 100 days in office because it would be a walk in the park for him as an ex-military ruler. You believed him and what has happened since? Over two thousand innocent Nigerians have been slaughtered by his misguided brothers under his watch. The deadliest reign of the Islamist terrorist group since they began their Jihadist campaign in 2009. Yet, instead of asking Buhari questions, you engage in an equally blood-stained conspiracy of silence.

Buhari claimed Jonathan left an empty treasury. But in six months of zero action on the economy and with foreign investors fleeing Nigeria, and with no cabinet… Nigeria is still in one piece. Please, where does he get the money to preserve the economy? Instead of asking Buhari these questions and asking if he has been paid his salary and allowances in those six months you are busy passing the blame to a man who has left office.

Buhari has been jetting around the world disgracing Nigeria and Nigerians in the failed quest to be seen as a corruption fighter. He is running Nigeria down and making gaffes at every point… What do you do? Instead of holding him to account, you excuse him and point to none existent gaffes of a Ph.D. holder president whom you love to hate. At this point, I have to say you are an idiot.

Buhari, is busy fighting the mantra “corruption” and the economy is grounding to a halt. You are losing your jobs and investments, instead of you to tell him that he can fight corruption and still keep the economy rolling you make dumb excuses for him and say he needs time to “fight corruption properly”. What does ‘properly’ mean? You probably can’t say. But you give him a pass as Nigerians groan under the weight of a failed economy caused by a frozen-in-1984 president.

Instead of reminding Buhari of his lack of an educational qualification for the job and why he should swiftly put up a team that does have the requisite certification, you instead celebrate the “return of power to the North”. You forget to ask him how he is going to sustain the power he has. Instead, you remember to remind him that he is the messiah of his time.

Have you asked him what is happening to our currency which is depreciating by the minute? Why is the naira not equivalent to a dollar already? Have you asked him why Nigerian school children are not fed once a day as promised?

Have you asked him why NYSC members have not received their N50,000 monthly allowance that he promised during the campaigns? Or have you asked him why the current “paltry” sum paid to corps members are being owed under Buhari?

Have the docile “men of the fourth estate” aka Nigerian journalists reminded him of their insurance policies? Their case is ever so sad and funny at the same time… No, they have not but rather are still carrying on with mass broadcasting of lies and propaganda for the APC and Buhari.

Have you asked him why petrol is N140 today instead of N40 as promised by his campaign surrogate? You idiot voter, you still haven’t seen a reason to converge in Freedom Park in Lagos, singing “solidarity forever” to force Buhari to keep his campaign promises.

Have you asked him why he has not paid the pensions of old retirees such as himself? Buhari promised you the best “angels and saints” of Nigeria as ministers but gave you the most rapacious criminals as noisemakers. Have you asked him why? What happened to his heavenly plans? Why did he trade angels for demons? Have you asked him why he took you on a ride for six months? No. But you have the liver to go round telling people he has a right to reward his thieving friends.

Buhari went to India and irresponsibly declared Nigeria broke. Reacting, Governor Ayo Fayose asked him to account for the monthly revenue of the country as the previous government was doing. Instead of being transparent, Buhari thinks the best response to a call for accountability it to attack and insult Fayose. Does Fayose look like someone he can harass and intimidate? Please, pull over, Sir. Park well!

Why does Mr. Integrity see it as an insult to be asked to be accountable to the Nigerian people who elected him into office? Isn’t that the true meaning of being “non-corrupt”? Buhari has proven himself as a fraudster, lacking all forms of decency.

If after all of these, you still think that Buhari is a man of integrity then you would believe the earth is flat.

You are fools, but Buhari is a congenital liar.

Stand up and say no to #BuhariSpoilingNigeria.

Portia Emilia Anthony is a lawyer (not an oil marketer). She is a public affairs analyst. Connect with her on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. I recommend the immediate resignation of Olisa Metuh , so that the writer could take over as the spokesperson of Nigerias opposition party. Meanwhile , if PDP has succeeded in fixing our country for uninterrupted SIXTEEN YEARS IN POWER , we will not be where we are today. What legacy and economic template did PDP left behind ? Comparing sixteen years with less than six month is the greatest high of hypocrisy.

    • I beg to disagree with u sir,the PDP of 16yrs are APC of today…..pdp has more than enough to show for it achievement in Nigeria,this same Buhari contributed immensely toward the regression of this country,….now apart from the so call discipline he instilled in Nigeria during his reign as Military President, I beg to know his achievement in infrastructures,,Education,Health,water resources, Road among others……even his less than one year government is worse than that of 16yrs of pdp,thousands of Nigeria have lost their job presently due to his clueless TSA policy,cant we fight corruption without pple loosing their job?

  2. This PDP man’s post is complete rubbish. Time spent in reading it is wasted time. The poster should not be dignified with any reasonable response

    Kai! Stop that reggae and play their blues.

    Someone proposes and someone should kindly support it and not dispose of it. Such makes “Hope” to rise again. No need to always cook in sentiments and objection whenever issues that will be of direct benefits to the Masses comes up, Awon NASSiru

    In Nigeria today, the APC North gives the excuses, while their APC South-West comes out with all manners of funny excuses to defend their ineptitude. This is the sorry state of today’s APC Followers. Heart breaking, but not surprised. There are enough excuses to feed their gullible Followers. Always.

    • Can the Senate pass such a N5000/month bill for over 40Million Nigerians and the President approves of it? Yes.

    • Did the APC repeatedly campaigned with this promise? Yes.

    • Is the timing wrong? Not at all.
    The NASS did not wasted a second in accepting their JUMBO Allowances Billions as “Nigeria is broke”.

    • If passed, can it be signed into law? Yes.

    • Must the law be implemented immediately it is signed into law?
    Mba nu, Not at all.

    It simply means the APC as a party can start preparing to implement it anytime they are ready or use it as a bait for the 2019 reelection promises again.

    The Executive can take their time and start collating the needed stats to ascertain those that qualify to reap from the N5000/month stipend from our Population of over 170Million People and capture it into their 2016 budget, that is yet to be submitted to the NASS, for implementation anytime in 2016 or 2017 or 2018 etc

    So who are the Citizens that have turned to overnight comedians reading negative meanings to a simple legislative process? Who you help?

    The outright rejection by the APC Senators on the floor of the house smells of nothing short of scam. 419 campaign promises with which the APC deceived their 97% Voters to win their votes, except proven otherwise.

    So what part of their campaign promises have they being working on in the past Five months that made their Supporters noises on the social media to say; “body language is working”?

    Oops! Probe and sacking Workers and call it “reorganization”?
    Who “probe” help?
    Definitely not the price of tomatoes in the market for the Masses.

    “Nigeria is broke”, we are told to believe; yet they paid subsidy monies in hundred of Billions at the inception of this “broke” government and another subsidy money of over N413Billion approved just few days back for the Importers of fuel. We are broke? What manner of “broke” keeps spending hundreds of Billions just like that?

    So kindly define your true meaning of “Nigeria is Broke”?
    Is it only applicable when it comes to fulfilling the promises made to the poor Masses in Nigeria that won the needed votes for the ruling party or what?

    “Nigeria is broke”? Yet, the prices of pump price of fuel is not yet reviewed downwards for the Masses benefit in line with the global crash of crude oil prices as promised.
    Kai APC, why na?




    Good Morning And God Bless Nigeria. We must chop dat money o, I am poor too. You nko?

  4. Mr author, your write up is harsh and misleading. One would be abit foolish to still think PMB is the messiah, but we have resigned to the fact that he is not the messiah, but will cause certain changes in the system that will give us the long awaited messiah. I sincerely hope his successor will be it. Thumbs up to the previous admin for laying down tools that paved the way to this change, and we remain optimistic that we are on the right path

  5. Either the writer is a bad PDP loser suffering from Post Jonathan traumatic stress like many other Nigerians or every investigative journalist in Nigeria has gone to sleep. Well Portia is a lawyer I hope she knows the implications of putting this on line there are laws.

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