Outrage As Mother Refused To Smash Car Window To Save Trapped Son...

Outrage As Mother Refused To Smash Car Window To Save Trapped Son (PHOTOS)

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The adage that children are more valuable than wealth might be seen differently by a mother after she refused to smash the window of her luxury BMW car to let her trapped three-year-old son out.

The woman attracted the gaze of a large crowd which gathered around the vehicle after they heard the cries of the helpless toddler from within the vehicle in Yiwu, Zhejiang province of China.

According to a Facebook post by CCTV, the boy was clawing at the car window but the mother was stood next to the vehicle doing nothing to help, .

An eyewitness said, “Passers-by and even firefighters urged her to let them break the window and save the boy, but she insisted on waiting for a locksmith to arrive and unlock the door.”

However, the firefighters were forced to smash the window and rescue the little boy whose strength began to deteriorate at some point.

A firefighter said, “It is very dangerous to leave kids inside car, especially in such heat. The temperature inside the car can soar in very short time and threaten the child’s life.”

Ever since the incident went viral, there has been an outrage among Chinese social media user.

A user, Wangtengke_Scott, wrote, “Looks like the car window is her real son.”

Another user, Xiyajun1985 added, “Above all, the mother shouldn’t have left the little kid alone in the car. Even if the car were not accidentally locked by itself, what if there were a bad guy who would break the window and steal the kid?”

It is not yet certain if the mother was arrested or went scot free after such exhibition against a minor.

Below are photos from the incident. (Click on any image to enlarge).


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