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Safety Boots Standards: 5 Signs To Keep An Eye On

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]afety boots also known as rigger boots or steel toe cap boots, safety boots are worn to enhance workplace safety. In most instances, they are worn by individuals who work in environments prone to injuries. They come in different designs, fittings, and labels, signs depending on your work area or needs.

One thing that many people fail to know is, different safety boots serve different purposes. The different purposes include protection against slipping, puncture, electrocution, cuttings, falling objects, to mention a few.

From construction sites, factories, kitchens, warehouses, you will not miss individuals wearing safety boots. Well, they have a common name, “safety boots,” but when you take a close look at them, they bear different signs that have different meanings based on the industry safety requirements. This is a key factor to keep an eye on before you purchase that safety boot. Let’s have a closer look at these signs and what they mean.

1.     White Square with an Orange Omega Symbol

When you get this sign in a safety boot, this should tell you, the sole’s boot provides electrical protection. This means the outsole has a secondary electrical shock resistor that gives the wearer protection from electrocution perils. This way, no electricity can pass to your body, and thus getting protected against any electrical shock. It is the recommended pair of boots if your working area deals with electricity more often.

2.     Yellow Square having Greed SD Letters

The sign is an indication that the safety boots can be used for anti-static protection. Its sole prevents electrical charges from getting into your body and also disintegrates static. So in case you work where there are static discharges, this will suit you right.

3.     Green Triangle

A green triangle sign confirms the boot has a class 1 toe cap and a grade 1 sole. This type of shoe is best if you work in heavy industries and constructions. The firm sole tolerates sharp objects, punctures, heavy objects that fall on your feet, etc. The class 1 toe cap also shields your toes from any falling objects. Unlike other safety boots, this one is not predisposed to tear and wear.

4.     Yellow Triangle

This sign demonstrates that the safety boot has a class 2 toe cap and a grade 2 sole. Just like the green triangle safety boots, the yellow triangle boots protect your feet against puncture, sharp objects, and substantial falling objects. The only alteration is, unlike the green triangle boots that can hold up to 125 joules, the yellow triangle boots can only hold 90 joules. Therefore, this type of safety boot can only be used in light industries.

5.     White Background bearing a Green Fir Tree

The green Fir tree stands for the forest. Thus, the shoe is suitable for persons working in forested areas. The safety boot offers protection from any cuttings, sharp knives, splinters, needles, or any falling material. Get this if your work entails using cutting paraphernalia in the forest or on any lumber.

Bottom Line

Safety boots standards are what should guide your safety boot purchase. Don’t just pick a safety boot that is claimed to offer safety. Have a look at the signs. Will it suit your working environment? At all times, know that different boot shave various signs offering different protection. Any time you go for safety boots shopping, check the boots sign on the sole or inside the boot.

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