Top Safety Tips You Should Know About EOT Cranes

Top Safety Tips You Should Know About EOT Cranes

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on December 19, 2016
An EOT Crane | Tractel India

Top Safety Tips You Should Know About EOT Cranes

High-tech machines like EOT cranes have made work easier and productive for workers in industrial sectors. EOT cranes are mostly found dotting construction sites. Most of the building and construction companies use overhead cranes to move heavy loads from one place to another in the most effective manner and in no time. As compared to manual labor, these kinds of cranes are extremely fast and effective.

There are several EOT crane manufacturers such as DGCRANE, a professional overhead crane manufacturer specialized in building and designing cranes. They offer different types of EOT cranes and they are; double girder EOT crane, single girder EOT crane, Underslung cranes and European Type Overhead Crane. EOT overhead cranes will help you improve safety and efficiency of your work.

However, no machine is entirely safe and harmless. With any kind of heavy machines, there lies some risk and insecurities. Here are some of the safest ways in which you can operate EOT cranes to derive maximum benefits and effectiveness:

It is very important to make regular checks and inspections to understand the actual condition of the EOT crane going to be used. If you find out some sort of discrepancies or something out of place, you should immediately report it to the respective authorities. Similarly, if you see that your crane is not at all in good condition, you should simply refrain yourself from using it. Wait until it has been certified safe by the qualified personals.

Never put on weights that are heavier than the load-carrying capacity of the cranes. Highly improved overhead cranes are designed to carry heavy loads, subject to some limits. For example, the load carrying capacity in most of the cranes varies from 3 tons to 500 tons. Now, if you put more weights than that is prescribed, obviously, the crane will start to malfunction and may cause you some serious injuries. The accidents caused by crane malfunction can be very deadly, even resulting in untimely deaths. Hence, you must always use the EOT crane to lift appropriate weight objects, without crossing the limits.

After securing the loads with your EOT cranes, always practice double-checks. Be entirely sure, before lifting the weights up, because once the cranes lift up the load nothing can be done to prevent the load from falling, in the event of technical failures. So, it is always advisable to run double-checks rather than feeling guilty or sorry later.

Though cranes rely on technologies yet it needs workers for operations. A worker will press the switches and knobs to operate an overhead crane. However, when a worker works in a partnership with another worker, the results are better. Signaling has become an integral part of crane operations. Hence, instead of relying on many people for the right signals, trust only one person who will be acting as your signaling partner. However, just be sure that the signaling person is alert and knows his work well.

Lastly, never be inattentive or sleepy, during your working hours; it may turn fatal. Workers operating on overhead cranes should be well aware of his surroundings so that he can anytime avoid any kind of accidents or mishaps. Being alert is one of the main requisites of operating EOT cranes safely and securely.


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