Buhari: The Rebirth Of Autocratic Rule In Nigeria, By Sharon Oparaocha

Buhari: The Rebirth Of Autocratic Rule In Nigeria, By Sharon Oparaocha

By Julius Okeke | Sub Editor on June 14, 2016
NBA Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari
Clockwise from Top: President Muhammadu Buhari pictured as his inauguration on May 29, 2015, Shiehk Ibrahim Zakzaky, Shi'ite Sect Leader in Zaria who was shot 6 times by Nigerian soldiers and detained without trial by the government; Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd), former National Security Advisor who has been detained in solitary confinement and denied bail despite 4 court orders for his release on bail; Nnamdi Kanu, pro-Biafra activist detained by the secret police since October 2015 over 4 court orders for his bail has been disobeyed by the Buhari government; and Chief Olisah Metuh, spokesman of the main opposition party, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) who has been placed on a corruption trial by the Buhari government.

by  Sharon Oparaocha

The problem with electing autocrats as leaders .

An autocratic leader focuses on power, he unleashes his power and authority at its peak. He does not put into consideration public opinion or even the opinions,ideas, views of intellectuals. An autocratic leader is a dictator. He wants his ideas and plans implemented even when they possesses no quality, even when they will hamper the progress and unity of the Nation. Whatever an autocratic leader says stands even in the field or cases where he has little or no knowledge , where his ideas and plans cannot be in conformity with other instances of application.

Why do many countries go for democratic leaders?

Leadership is not a question of two heads being better than one. It is about being people oriented, a leader gives hope to his subjects by way of encouragement and motivation especially when the country, state, community, group concerned is going through hard times. A leader don’t throw words carelessly in the air and leave the masses in confusion and in a state of despondency. A leader communicates , listen to , gather feedback from the people he is ruling through his cabinet – various representatives and public office holders. Before implementing any plan he seeks the suggestion and opinion of his people in order to know and implement that which is best for his people. Does this mean that the leader has no authority? No, he has power and authority but uses it judiciously .He balances the use of his power and the relationship with his people(leader – people relationship)

The rebirth of autocracy (dictatorship) in Nigeria

Recall that few years ago under Jonathan’s administration there were some minor uprising against the government, some were even agitating for segregation of this country via referendum . Worst was the continuous rise of bokoharam insurgence a terrorist group with no justifiable reason or if I may say goal. Niger Delta militants on the other hand were also making their own rucus, but theirs was a demand, a need , a want long overdue. Thanks to late president Yar’Adua who initiated the amnesty program for the Niger Delta militants which was later implemented by the Jonathan administration. In order to retain Nigeria and maintain peace , after much deliberations ,the FG set up a confab that cost this country a fortune , the content of this confab was and still is the key to solving the problem of Nigeria to remain a Nation. Just because a confab was ongoing Nigeria knew peace , many groups rising against the government went down knowing that a machinery has been set in motion to appease their anger, to give attention to their needs and various demands.

But to the greatest surprise of every citizen that meant well for this Nation the confab has been abandoned and forgotten. A revolution is not far from hitting this Nation , because all we get is dictatorship, confusion, political upheaval and even an impending catastrophe.

All we get presently are nothing but deliberate violation of our Constitution .

A shoot at sight order against innocent Protestants.

Unlawful detention of citizens granted freedom by a competent court of the federation.

Efcc detaining citizens “accused” of looting and embezzlement of public funds instead of charging them to court.

DSS arresting people where they have no right to.

A nation where the judiciary and Labour are fast losing their voice.

A nation that is critically ill economically .

A nation that have lost touch with democracy .

These and many more are because the man seating on power is not ready to work with intellects , he doesn’t care about anybody’s idea be you a technocrat ,intellectual and what have you.
He just want his orders and plans to be implemented even if they are obsolete and are no longer valid, even if it does not promote the unity of the country he is leading , even if it violates the law, even if it will bring embarrassment to this Nation , even if it is inhumane.

The current situation of Nigeria is a sad one.

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