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South Sudan Asks Nigeria For Security Training Assistance

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Nigeria has been beckoned on by the Republic of South Sudan to assist in areas of training its security personnels, many of which were former rebels conscripted into the security agencies.

James Igga the Vice President of South Sudan, stated at the inaugural meeting of the South Sudan Nigerian Chambers of Commerce and industries in Abuja on Friday, June 5, 2015, explained that the security situation in his country had improved tremendously.

He mentioned that the tranquillity process in his country would resume soon, while noting that the crisis would have been resolved but for the shifting positions of the rebel leaders whom he blamed for the continuous violence in parts of South Sudan.

Igga state, “We need capacity training for teachers, the civil service and students;

“We also need security training for the security personnel.

“We want Nigeria to assist with the training of the Army and the police.

“You know most of them were guerillas and if you are a guerilla you learn to shoot at people, but you can imagine if you convert such a person into the police, what would happen? so we need security training for our personnel.”

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