Steve Harvey Pens Open Letter To Reality TV Star Mimi Faust Over...

Steve Harvey Pens Open Letter To Reality TV Star Mimi Faust Over Her Sex Tape (READ)

By Wires | The Trent on April 27, 2014
Steve Harvey

While Mimi Faust might be making big money for Vivid Entertainment with her sex tape, she’s also found herself with a lot of critics. Some think she’s too old to be doing such a thing, while others think that as a mother of a young child, turning to pornography is a bad idea and desperate move.

However, Faust responded to all her critics by reminding them that since they don’t pay her bills, their opinion doesn’t matter. But one person who isn’t trying to hear all that is Steve Harvey. The Think Like A Man writer spoke on his radio show recently about Faust’s decision to do an adult film, and of course, he doesn’t think it’s cute. He had this message to send to Faust and single mothers in general:

Mimi Faust steps out with her co-sex tape star, Nikko Smith in an Atlanta night club
Mimi Faust steps out with her co-sex tape star, Nikko Smith in an Atlanta night club

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“You can’t have a child and make decisions based on just you and every mother understands that. There’s not a single mother out here that don’t understand the sacrifices that have to be made as a single mother and the things you got to give up of yourself to provide for your children.

So when you’re making these decisions out here, that you’re going to make a sex tape or you gon’ get involved in the sex industry, stop thinking about right now, whatever little momentary five minutes of fame and little piece of little change they going to put in your pocket. Because whatever money they put in your pocket, it ain’t going to be worth the hell that comes with it. It’s not going to be worth your reputation. It ain’t going to be worth your image. It ain’t gonna be worth nothing as it lives in cyberspace forever.

Yeah, ya’ll got something else to worry about now that we didn’t have to worry about then. It’s called the Internet. The Internet has become a playground for evildoers…

Please young women out there, think of yourself and your brand and your image. Think of what people will say about you when you’re not around. Think about stuff people will say behind your back, what they’ll say in your face, what you’ll have to deal with the rest of your life. Do not make these decisions. Stay out of the sex trade.

You ain’t here for sex, you’re here for life. God didn’t create you for sex, he created you for life. He got things to do for you, with you, He has things he requires of you. You putting your most precious gift out on display.

See everything God made, He buried deep. He made it hard to get to. A pearl, you gotta dive to the bottom of the ocean. All his precious minerals are buried. Gold, you got to dig in the side of a mountain, and way down into the ground. Diamonds, you got to bore deep. Ain’t no diamonds laying on the top of the ground. They don’t grow like corn. You want oil, you got to barrel miles into the ground to get the precious minerals of God, and they put them in hard to reach places. This thing that y’all sitting on, this thing that every man got to have, your body, that precious jewel that’s in the most hidden place on your body. Think about that. See, God is smart.

That’s why He put it where He put it cause it’s hard to get to. We can’t get to it unless you show it to us or give it to us. Think about that for a minute. Don’t pass it around like it ain’t nothing to it, because you’re actually sitting on a gold mine. Please act like it, ladies. Act like you’re sitting on a gold mine, because it’s what every man is after, and we will pay dearly for it. Think about that, okay?”

I can get with his point about not making such reckless decisions as a mother of a young child who will have to grow up and deal with the consequences of your foolishness, but as for not doing things because of what people will think about you or say behind your back, honestly, is that really as important? If we all made every decision based on who would look at us crazy or try to shame us, we wouldn’t do a lot of things for ourselves.

Not to say that doing the adult film is a good look (definitely not a move I would make), but folks can’t live for outside people. But then again, I get what he’s trying to say, because based on his book and the advice he often gives in general, Harvey is all about women keeping their wholesomeness…while men get to do whatever they please. He definitely made some interesting points though.

What do you think about what he had to say? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. What Steve said was 110% on the money. What people say definitely matters, let us not pretend we don’t understand in what context he means. It matters that “people” who might want to hire Mimi or her family for a job might think twice about the bad publicity. It matters that the other moms at her daughter’s school might not want their kids playing with her.
    What does it say of a woman’s intellect, financial wisdom or code of conduct when she does a sex tape for “public consumption”? Mimi before this had conducted herself with dignity and was the most respectable of the cast members, a Shauny type figure. Now…….in my books she has replaced Hernandez and probably inspired young ladies to think that the sex industry is a respectable way of earning money.

    As the daughter of a hardworking single mother with a name that can be used as credit in her community, i say her name with pride and I assure you there will be no awkward glances, stifled whispers or apprehensive looks when I say my name.

    As for Steve, he never justify’s men’s behaviour, women usually act up because “if men can do it so can we”.
    He just encourages women to stand firm and make the man be the best version of him or kick him to the curb as he pointed out his wife Marjorie whipped him into shape.

    Ps. with your little stir-up NB you made me write a whole essay comment SMDH!

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