Being A Superhero Dad In The Google Age

Being A Superhero Dad In The Google Age

Children Superhero Dad Google Age Father Daughter Son Family Love
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There were days when being your child’s superhero was next to impossible. From even before the days of print media or radio transmission. These days were the days of heroes like Hercules and Samson. Guys who were touched by the gods for a purpose. How do you compete with that?

Then enter print media and the new icons for kids became characters like Prince Charming. Without a mother who has her own kingdom like Prince Charles all other dads cannot compete with this type of hero. Then came comic book and cartoon characters. And with the arrival of these heroes, the position of hero became lost forever.

Children Superhero Dad Google Age Father Daughter Son Family Love
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An old Estonian proverb says, “the drum sounds the loudest when it is about break”. It was not long before technological advancements outdid themselves and returned the hero status to the dad. Unfortunately, most dads did not quickly embrace the opportunity that was presented by the Internet, especially the mobile Internet.

Most fathers saw the internet as a hub to make money or to play. That is why online industries grew very fast. Even the online entertainment industry also grew on the back of adults who enjoyed playing on the internet. Real money online casino gaming is one area that grew more than others. Visit Australia Casino for online casino reviews before you deciding on choosing any casino to play at. This is because online casinos offer the opportunity to make money and the games are also very fun.

Then suddenly one child had to ask his dad. The question is not important but the response is what gave the position of “hero” back to the dad. “Ask Google…” was the half mumbled reply before the revelation. Now dads no longer have to play second fiddle to fictional heroes.

Even though fathers may still not be able to compete with characters like the Incredible Hulk little punks like Tony Stark are in trouble. Now any dad can be the most intelligent guy in the world. All they have to do is to keep that mobile data running. The internet now provides answers or ways to answer any questions that little inquisitive minds may have. Thus once again making the dad every kid’s first hero.

Children Superhero Dad Google Age Father Daughter Son Family Love
Viral: A young caped crusader combs the aisle at a hardware store with his superhero father. | Reddict


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