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SYNW Commends Prolific Author Onyeka Nwelue Amid Controversy Over Oxford Role

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SYNW, one of the leading literary organizations in Nigeria, is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Onyeka Nwelue, a young Nigerian writer who has made significant contributions to the advancement of African literature.

Over the years, Nwelue has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to promoting African literature and culture, and his efforts have been recognized both locally and internationally.

In 2022, Nwelue endowment of the Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Literature was a clear indication of his passion for promoting the growth of the Nigerian literary community. The prize, named after renowned Nigerian writer, Akachi Ezeigbo, is awarded annually to young Nigerian writers who have demonstrated exceptional talent in creative writing.

In addition, Nwelue’s endowment of two additional prizes to the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has been lauded by many. The ANA/Chukwuemeka Nwelue Prize for Igbo Language and ANA/SBC Obiora Prize for Environmental Writing are both testament to Nwelue’s commitment to supporting emerging writers in Nigeria.

Moreover, Nwelue’s establishment of the James Currey Society, an organization dedicated to promoting African literature, is yet another indication of his passion for the literary arts. Through this organization, Nwelue has organized several literary festivals and symposia, providing a platform for African writers to showcase their works and interact with literary enthusiasts.

The founding of the James Currey Festival, which brings together writers, publishers, and literary enthusiasts from across the globe, is a significant milestone for African literature. The festival has become an annual event, attracting a diverse audience of literary enthusiasts and promoting cross-cultural exchange.

Furthermore, Nwelue’s institution of the James Currey Prize for African Literature is another feather in his cap. The prize is awarded to African writers whose works have contributed significantly to the growth and development of African literature. It is a fitting tribute to the renowned publisher, James Currey, who has dedicated his life to promoting African literature.

Nwelue’s contribution to African literature extends beyond his philanthropic endeavors. He has also republished some works of notable writers under his publishing imprint, Abibiman Publishing, London UK. This initiative has been hailed as a significant step towards preserving African literary heritage.

In recognition of his contributions to African literature, Nwelue has received several awards and honors.

SYNW is proud to celebrate Onyeka Nwelue for his outstanding contributions to African literature. His dedication and commitment to promoting African literature and culture have made him a true ambassador of the African literary community. We believe that his achievements will inspire a new generation of African writers and literary enthusiasts, and we wish him continued success in his future endeavors.

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