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SHOCKING: 70% Of Child Sex Trafficking Victims Are Sold Online

In 2014, buying a child for sex online can be just as easy as selling your old couch or posting an updated resume. Astonishing statistics...

27-Year-Old Convict Set To Become Britain’s Youngest Grandfather

A convicted killer, aged 27, is set to become Britain's youngest grandfather. The daughter 13 who is already 5 months pregnant is believed to be...

Ladies, Do Your Children Need To Know That Their Father Cheats On You?

I was having a conversation with a friend recently that truly disturbed me. He passionately explained to me why it was important for him...

DNA Testing Reveals The Man Who Raped Michelle Obama’s Great-Great-Great Grand Mother

A large percentage of African Americans have European blood in their ancestry.  This is something that is celebrated by some, but disgusting to others. ...

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