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5 Amazing Reasons Why Eating With Your Hands Is Good For Your Health

Today, when you see people eating with their hands, it may seem unusual and other people may see it as unhealthy. This is actually...

Housemaid Cuts Employer’s Newborn Baby’s Hands Because He Impregnated Her

A 19-year-old housemaid was arrested after she cut off her employer's newborn baby's hands because the man allegedly impregnated her and refused to accept...

Really? Muslim Clergy Says Men Who Masturbate Will Find Their Hands Pregnant In The Afterlife (PICTURED)

There's a sad news for men who 'stroke the snake or spank the monkey' in self-pleasure best known as masturbation, as a Muslim televangelist has claimed...

WOW: Watch How To Put Your Jeans On Without Using Your Hands

It certainly beats our technique of lying on the floor of our bedroom and desperately clawing them on. This guy can get his skinny...

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