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Hilarious: Dad Films His Son Saying The Most Random Things [WATCH]

by Rita Loiacono This kid has the best thought process ever and we are grateful for it Firstly, way to go, Dad! Installing a GoPro in...

SHOCKING: Goat Gives Birth To Six-Legged Kid Dubbed ‘Spider Goat’ (PHOTOS)

A farmer received the shock of his life when his goat gave birth to a kid with four forelegs and two hind legs which...

8 Effective Ways To Cope With Your Child’s Bad Temper

by Diana White If you’re not emotionally strong, you may not be ready to deal with your child’s tricks, caprices and hysterics. Children are angels,...

For Parents: 10 Good Reasons To Volunteer In Your Kid’s School

As parents, most of our plates are not only full but overflowing; our schedules are so tight they're cutting off blood flow and our...

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