The 4 Best Gifts You Can Get At BilloCard

The 4 Best Gifts You Can Get At BilloCard

By Senior Editor | The Trent on July 6, 2020
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If you haven’t heard of gift cards for gamers yet, now is a perfect time. Gamers love their games and, in this article, we are going to provide you with a list of gifts you can get to surprise your gamer friend.

Of course, it would help if you knew which games they plaid, but nevertheless, we will provide you with some options that never miss the bullseye. So, without further ado, here they are! Check them out!

1. League of Legends Riot Points

At BilloCard, you can find a wide range of top gift cards of all sorts. One of these cards is for one of the most popular games in the world – League of Legends. Known also as LOL, this gift card allows the user to enjoy this competitive, fast-paced online MOBA game that is a real feast for the gaming enthusiasts.

Every gamer will know to appreciate a unique blend of RPG and RTS elements that puts both intensity and speed to the test.

Two teams, powerful champions, mind-bending game modes, multiple battlefields, unique playstyle, breathtaking design, what else do you need to see that this is the perfect gift for those close to you?

LOL is just perfect for both avid gamers and newbies. This endless source of pleasure is only €22.50 at BilloCard. LOL is free to play, but with Riot Points, you can enhance your experience!

2. World of Warcraft

WOW is back, and this time, it’s better than ever! The battle for Azeroth calls upon the heroes and champions of valor. This is one of the biggest, most massively multiplayer online role-playing games that allow the players to enter one of the best multiplayer games.

The Warcraft saga continues, and this time, war is upon the world of Azeroth. This is probably one of the best gifts you can buy for both young and old you hold dear.

New graphics, new items, adventures, new challenges, WOW has it all. Schedule a raid with your friends, embark on a conquest with your family or battle the Horde with your loved ones; the options are literally endless.

3. Steam Wallet Gift Card

Here’s a real treat for every gamer and gaming enthusiast out there. The Steam Wallet Card is a fantastic gift that allows the user to access the biggest selection of games online. This card offers instant access to everything from Indie titles to the most popular games from the biggest names.

The card works very simply, and it allows the user to accumulate credits on their Steam account. This gift card completely eliminates the need to use credit cards for Steam.

It provides the chance to join the Steam community, gain access to the gaming content, create and share content, discover more entertainment, etc. Harness the full potential of Steam with one of the best gift cards BilloCard has to offer. Your friends will love you for this; you can rest assured about that.

4. Netflix Gift Card

If you have a friend who isn’t into games, no problem, BilloCard has you covered all the way. If they don’t like games, they probably love movies and TV shows. Well, the Netflix Gift Card provides access to 100 million hours of both movies and TV shows, daily.

Feature films, documentaries, cartoons, animated movies, and original series are instantly available on the most popular, leading internet network. Get access to unlimited streaming services in over 50 countries that you can access anytime, anywhere.

The best thing about this gift card is that it allows the user to enjoy the content without commitments or those annoying commercials. This is probably one of the best gift ideas you can get, and your family, friends, and loved ones will be looking forward to it.

Netflix provides the finest and biggest selection of the most popular movies that we all love and enjoy. Grant access to Netflix via this fantastic gift card. The price for this Netflix Gift Card is only 15 EUR.


Every day is a good day to make someone happy. With that in mind, BilloCard is always available to all those who are into buying the best gifts for people they love and hold dear.

Purchasing gifts at their site is quick, simple, and easy. To additionally spice things up, you can count on discounts and attractive rewards if you decide to do so.


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