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The Impact Of Bed Sheets On The Quality Of Sleep

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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o matter how our day went, what we all want at every end of the day is to get a good night sleep. But, unfortunately, there are people who are struggling with getting themselves to sleep. Bamboo sheets have recently become a popular pick when it comes to bed covers because of the quality of the cloth that at least contributes to a person in getting that much-deserved sleep. This is because it is all boiling down to one fact – that better sheets mean better sleep.

Taking account of history, real linen is said to be made from linseed or is also known as flaxseed. This is identified to be one of the oldest known textiles in the world. There has been evidence that humans have been creating fabrics out of linseed for over 1,000 years already. There are even some cultures wherein these properties were valued as greatly as that of valuable stones and metals

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However, recently, a number of fabrics, especially those that are being used for beddings are often made out of synthesized materials. Additionally, these fabrics are often treated with harsh substances or additives that can seep into your skin which can cause irritation or even allergic reactions. Thus, when you are spending a portion of your life in your bed, you might want to see to it that the surface where you lay yourself is not only just comfortable but is also safe. There are people who have sensitive skin or eczema who find improvement in their sleeping patterns when they make the shift to a bed sheet with all-organic materials that are free from toxins and which come from 100% natural sources.

Furthermore, these linen fabrics possess unique thermal qualities which make them ideal for any sleeping conditions, in any type of climate. So during hot and humid nights, these linen sheets have been known to maintain human body temperatures at around three to four degrees Celsius lower than using silk or cotton. And then, during colder climates, these linen sheets also maintains warmer body temperature. Thus, linen usually tests at a heat conductivity rating five times more than using wool and 19 times more than using silk. Thus, whatever the temperature outside may be, or what time of the year it is, linens can really help in the regulation of your internal thermometer for a more comfortable and peaceful rest.

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In addition, there is also the factor of durability. Not like the other materials which easily wear away after every wash, linen then actually becomes stronger when it is wet by a factor of more or less 20%. So with linen, this not only will have a high-quality bed sheet for years, but you can also keep them clean and fresh as long as you want. So there about three out of four consumers who agree that having fresh-smelling sheets help them get a night of better sleep, so you should now go and have those sheets washed so that you can have that just-cleaned scent on your sheets.

So, ultimately, if you want to attain a better sleep quality, then it really pays if you try to invest in high-quality, organic materials. This will not only benefit your skin and sleep habits, but this will also help you gain peace of mind because you have chosen a responsible organic product which contributes to creating a world that is more sustainable and eco-conscious. From that reason alone, it makes you feel good that at the same time you were able to help the environment making you sleep better at night.

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If you are still not convinced, you may want to look into bamboo sheets which is really taking over the market right now. More people are already leaning towards this kind of material because the quality and feel that it gives the person when he or she sleeps, it is also an eco-friendly and renewable material.

Below are some reasons why bamboo sheets can help you get high-quality sleep:

Bamboo sheets are thermal regulating

If you are one who is undergoing treatment, medication, sleep disorders, or even with a common fever, you may experience night sweats. Bed sheets which are made from cotton can absorb the sweat and then traps heat in the material. This will then cause your body to heat up until it will eventually wake you up because you will have to toss yourself to look for some relief. If you are using bamboo sheets, on the other hand, it will be different because it is made of a material which is naturally thermal regulating so it does not lock up moisture. Instead, the bamboo sheet will move heat away while you are sleeping thus keeping you at an ideal temperature all night long. Bamboo sheets are also very lightweight and breathable which makes it feel easy on your skin even on hot and humid nights. One of the best bamboo sheets for such purposes is manufactured by Ecoy. We recommend you purchase ecoy‘s sheet sets and give it a try.

Bamboo sheets are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

If you are suffering from skin allergies, e.g. psoriasis or eczema, skin asthma, or has sensitive skin, you may experience some itching and irritation that tend to become worse during the night time. This can be brought about by the dust mites that are living in your bed. This is a common attribute in cotton sheets. But with bamboo sheets, the “Bamboo Kun” is a natural agent which allows the material to be antimicrobial. Thus making the bamboo sheets free from allergens, from dust mites, odors, and bacteria thus reducing your allergies and gentle on sensitive skin.

Bamboo sheets are silky soft

The feel that you have in your sheet is a big contributor to having a good night sleep. This is because if you are comfortable, then it tends to become easier for you to fall asleep. The bamboo fibers are said to be softer than regular cotton and are known for their smooth and silky texture. Thus this makes bamboo sheets more preferred than cotton sheets.

At the end of the day, you are the one who knows the quality of sleep that you need, and if you want to really get the best sleep experience, then it is better to start by having a good, clean, and high-quality sheets.

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