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The Top 9 Problems Of Android Nougat And How To Solve Them

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Android Nougat has been able to bring in very interesting and requested features in the past. Despite being much more efficient than its predecessors, Android Nougat is not free to show some problems, either for lack of compatibility or for bugs not yet resolved. Fortunately, there are easy solutions to most Android Nougat issues, as you can see from our list below!

1. Installation problems

The first problem you may encounter with Android Nougat is during your installation on your smartphone. First of all, we suggest you only install Nougat with your device with a full battery and connected to a stable network of internet, in this way there is less risk of having a corrupted installation. You may also notice the device will be very slow after the first reboot, which is normal. There’s only cause for concern if it takes nearly an hour. If this happens, you can try to enter the recovery mode by pressing the power buttons and increasing the volume for several seconds, which will restart the device. But if you still meet some difficulties, using a software such as Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery is recommended.

2. Battery running out fast

It’s normal for your smartphone’s battery to start draining faster than normal shortly after upgrading to Android Nougat, which is easily resolved by upgrading all your apps and games to the latest version. The whole problem is caused by compatibility and optimization issues, something that developers can solve with special Nougat updates. Something you can do about it is learn how to turn off the environment display on Android Nougat.

3. Connectivity to the internet

Problems with internet connectivity may also be common after upgrading. To resolve, try turning Wi-Fi off and on, restarting your smartphone, or forgetting your Wi-Fi network and entering your password again shortly. If none of this is resolved, it may be a compatibility issue on your smartphone, something usually resolved with updates that Google releases occasionally.

4. Connectivity with Bluetooth

Bluetooth may also have connectivity problems. To work around this, you can apply the same steps that we mentioned with Wi-Fi: turning Bluetooth power off and on, restarting your smartphone, and trying to forget the connected device to try to connect again later.

5. Problems with 3G

Generally, problems with the connection to 3G are caused by your mobile carrier and not by the operating system of your smartphone. Still, you can turn the 3G off and on, restart the device and even remove the SIM chip for a few minutes to try to solve the situation.

6. Appliance turning itself off

If your device is turning itself off, it may be that Android Nougat is causing some particular conflict with your smartphone. This can only be fixed through system updates, so the way is to wait for an official Google update. Certain applications may also cause this, something that can be resolved with updates or with data recovery for Android no root.

7. Problems with GPS

Problems related to GPS on your smartphone are usually caused by the application used to map your location, be it Google Maps, Waze or another app of your choice. To solve this, you can simply clear the cache of the application you use. If you do not know how to perform this process, just check our tutorial on the subject through this link.

8. Black screen

The black screen problem usually happens on Samsung handsets, but it can also occur on other devices. This causes your smartphone to display a black screen for no reason and does not respond to your commands. To solve this, leave the power button pressed for several seconds, which should force the device to restart. If that does not work, press the power button and volume up button until your smartphone goes into recovery mode and can be initialized normally.

9. Applications closing

It is common for an app to stop working and close itself sometimes, but if you realize that this is happening frequently, the problem may be app compatibility with Android Nougat. This is natural when Android receives an update and the old version of the app conflicts with it. Fortunately, this is easily resolved by updating the application or game that is giving the problem. The most annoying thing is that it can take a few days or even weeks for this update to be made available by its developers. Also try following this guide to learn how to fix apps that stop working on Android.

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