4 Foods You NEED To Keep You Alert At Work

4 Foods You NEED To Keep You Alert At Work

By Salisu Sulaimon | Sub-Editor on January 23, 2014

As the week is coming to an end, fatigue builds up, and there’s a tendency to get the snooze button at work.

Chips from the vending machine or cookies your co-worker baked are not what your brain needs. Huffingtonpost.com suggests a list of food items to keep you alert:

1. Dark chocolate: When you eat dark chocolate, compounds in cocoa called flavanols produce a surge in blood flow to the brain. That helps you feel awake and alert.

2. Citrus fruits: Just sniffing them can stimulate alertness. Eat an orange, and you also benefit from vitamin C.

3. Water: Just about every system in the body suffers when we’re dehydrated, including the brain. So, keep a reusable bottle or cup on your desk to remind you to drink.

4. Coffee or tea: Caffeine keeps you alert and also boosts cognitive performance, concentration and focus.


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