Is Vaping The Best Way To Consume CBD?

Is Vaping The Best Way To Consume CBD?

By Adam Smith | US Contributor on July 11, 2018
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CBD or cannabidiol is one of the primary organic compound found in cannabis. CBD is an organic compound from which medical marijuana is derived, cannabidiol has several healing properties which can be used in a wide range of physical and psychological conditions.

Today, CBD is used by many medical marijuana certified physicians to treat patients with medical conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, and those who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), anxiety, and even those with depression. The unique combination of curative and psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant make it an extremely effective treatment that does not require any synthetic drug.

CBD also comes in many forms like concentrates, from which, the most effective means of consumption is vaping. But how can inhaling vapors be the best way to administer CBD? Let’s find out.

The Basics of Vaping

Vaping began as a healthier alternative to smoking and was introduced to the general public about a decade ago. It had its fair share of rumors and gossips though thanks to studies and clinical research, it has been established that vaping can ultimately be the guilt-free substitute to smoking.

The idea of vaping is to eliminate combustion which takes place as you burn dried vegetable matter. As dried materials are torched and are ignited the chemical compounds of the plant are broken down by the atom. As the atomic deconstruction of the plant substance proliferates it creates thousands of chemical matter in the smoke. The smoke from burnt plant contains free radicals, which, according to studies, are found to have been directly “involved in both the initiation and promotion of multi-stage carcinogens.”

Free radicals are highly reactive compounds and can promote the growth and alteration of one’s antioxidant defense system, causing DNA damage and overall cellular deterioration. The same can be said for both tobacco and cannabis.

The introduction of vaporizers gave smokers and consumers a way to enjoy their favorite materials – be it tobacco or cannabis – without the risks of inhaling these hazardous substances.

Vaping And CBD

Both CBD and vaporizers are intended for therapeutic and medical applications, they were both designed to be restorative mediums that will act as a conduit of healing and therapy for people with appropriate conditions.

Inhaling CBD concentrates through the use of vaporizers such as the ones from Yocan Vaporizer are considered as one of the most recommended methods of CBD delivery. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL vaporizer is made with purity in mind, it was engineered and was designed to be a safe platform for concentrate consumption. Made and constructed without glues or any plastic components, the Galaxy delivers only the most genuine of vapors from your pure CBD concentrates.

By inhaling the vapors from these devices CBD compounds are directly absorbed by the lungs and are immediately delivered to your bloodstreams. That’s why compared to edibles and sublingual tinctures, vaping CBD provides medicating patients the fastest results while posing the least health-related risks.

The effects of CBD normally take about 10-15 minutes when ingested through vaping while edibles and sublingual tinctures normally take about 20-30 minutes. For someone who needs immediate and on-demand relief from pain and anxiety vaping could be the best delivery method available. Moreover, vaping CBD concentrates allow better conservation and preservation of cannabinoids compared to smoking or burning cannabis leaves, flowers, and other plant material.

Most vaporizers have a set of temperature profiles that will help promote the extraction of these cannabinoids. For concentrates and dry herb strains that are high in THC you can experience its soothing effects as early as 315°F, its potency increases as the temperature intensify and will reach its peak at around 428°F where it will most likely knock you off your socks. CBD high strains, on the other hand, will take only about 356°F where its calming and therapeutic properties will take effect and is released only until 388°F.

Generally, the lower temperature profiles on vaporizers allow you to experience the more mellow and subtle effects of your herbs or concentrates while the higher temperature settings will exaggerate the effects of your select cannabis strains. Vaporizers are one of the best tools which allow you to control the temperature to facilitate better vaporization and extrication of the organic compounds from the cannabis plant.

Contrary to the common belief, the blend of THC and CBD or the variety of strains isn’t the only influencing factor that will determine the results from your concentrates. Temperature will also play one of the greatest roles in improving and emphasizing the benefits your strains can offer. Smoking cannot provide you with as much control as you’d get with a vaporizer and edibles, tinctures, and topicals altogether lack the element of customization in playing with temperature. Most CBD cannabis consumers that sublingual consumption is more of an occasional activity.

Customizing Your CBD Experience

Since vaporizers give you the ultimate freedom to personalize the temperature profiles, you’d be able to individualize your experience depending on your needs.

For those who want mild euphoria, improved focus, and subtle relief from anxiety, it’s best to tune your vaporizers from 310°F to 335°F. The effects of your concentrates at this level will allow you to perform your daily functions without getting that extramundane experience. This is good for medicating consumers who are in need of CBD prescriptions without getting the cannabis high. For people who want to experience stronger euphoria and for an intense relaxation to nearly experiencing sleep sensation it’s best to keep their vaporizers from 370°F to 430°F. These temperatures allow some of the more potent cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted from your select materials allowing you to immediately feel the euphoric sensation that has been known for their pacifying payoffs.

It’s best to use some of the best vaporizers on the market today like the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax Pen For Sale online. These devices will allow you to explore some of the remedial and psychoactive benefits of your favorite cannabis concentrates whatever your need may be.


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