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Buhari Is Satan, He Is Leading Us To Darkness – Asari Dokubo [INTERVIEW]

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Leader of the defunct Niger Delta militant group, Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Mujahid Asari Dokubo has come out to express his displeasure at the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, describing him as Satan, who is leading Nigeria to darkness.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with 247 NG, Asari Dokubo poked holes at Buhari’s 2015 election, which he said was riddled with irregularities aided  by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

His words: “This election was riddled with irregularities. Figures were cooked up. At every stage of the election, people were disenfranchised. For instance, people registered to vote which is the most important thing: to vote and be voted for in a democracy.”

On the election itself, Asari Dokubo said: “This election that produced General Buhari is a very questionable election. For example, in a state like Kano State which is educationally disadvantaged, there were no void votes, there were no cancelled votes. In a state like Imo State, which is an educationally advanced state, over 30,000 votes were voided.

“The electoral commissioner (for Kano) mysteriously died in a mysterious fire with the whole of his family. Nobody has asked questions. Even when questions were asked, nobody is giving us any answer.”

On President Buhari as a messiah to the country, Dokubo retorted: “Instead of calling Buhari a Messiah, we should call him Satan. Messiah means anointed, somebody who has been appointed. Somebody that has been assigned with the responsibility of leading the people. No! Buhari is leading us to darkness because people are now eating from the gutters and not the dustbin anymore. There’s nothing to be thrown into the dustbin.”

In the course of the 50-minute long interview, Dokubo touched on the Niger Delta, President Goodluck Jonathan, Buhari’s antecedents among other issues.

Watch the 50-minute interview below:

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