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What You Need To Know About Buying And Using Cannabis Legally In Canada

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]anada is one of the first countries in the world to legalize recreational marijuana. Now more important is, where people can buy it. Now, we know what you’re thinking and that there have been medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada for years and in fact, they make getting marijuana really easy often. They have a doctor on-site, you go in and you tell them you are having trouble sleeping and they write up a prescription and out you walk with your marijuana.

But that’s not what we want. We want that legal recreational government weed so, when the federal government finally legalizes marijuana they need someone to sell it to eligible people to cut illegal distribution of weed in the country.

canada weed marijuana
Torontonians gather at a local concert venue to watch the “bud drop” at the stroke of midnight, in celebration of the legalization of recreational cannabis use on October 17, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. | Ian Willms/Getty Images

So which branch of government can do that, which one has retail locations, distribution, and experience selling a controlled substance like with minimum age requirements – yes, the provincial liquor board. What does that mean you can walk in and buy a six-pack of beer and a bag of weed at the same time? No, that’s for two reasons the first, they don’t want to encourage you to consume alcohol and marijuana at the same time and that’s a bad combination.

Number two is, they don’t want to encourage someone who isn’t a marijuana smoker to become one. For example, if you’re in line at the liquor store buying beer or wine and you look over and there’s marijuana for sale then you might go and say” I’ll try it”. So, by having it at two separate retailers helps discourage such non-users to become a user

So the only place to get it is online because since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the online dispensary Canada is growing really fast just like steroids Canada. Government has allowed some licensed retailers to sell marijuana and online dispensary. Online weed market has really more varieties and products so if you want to try Shatter or Bruce Banner Strain then, you won’t get it from retailers. So, the online market for marijuana would be best suitable for you. But on the online store, you need to confirm that “I am 19 years of age” and “I agree” to the terms to check out. This has been done to keep kids from buying weed online.

Packaging plays an important role to keep children. Warning labels on the package is a simple black box because it’s illegal to make packaging that’s appealing to children. Now, the question is where can you smoke weed in Canada? It’s legal to smoke it wherever you want except some places we have mentioned here.

One it’s being treated like alcohol so you can’t operate a vehicle while under the influence of this. Two, you’re smoking it so; anywhere you’re not allowed to smoke a cigarette you can’t smoke marijuana for obvious reasons.

Canada government really doesn’t want kids to get weed in their hands or in their lungs most importantly so, you’re not allowed to smoke in parks near playgrounds or beaches anywhere kids could be. So it is legal to have that joint in your hand but if you light it, it’s become illegal.

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