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Posting To Facebook Was Literally The Last Thing This Woman Did Before She Crashed And Died

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A 32-year old-woman has made headlines after she posted on social media platform, Facebook, moments before she died.

The woman, identified as Courtney Sanford according to reports, on Thursday, May 14, 2015 crashed her head into a recycling truck and killed herself.

Sanford was said to be sober and was not under the influence of any substance or even speeding. Rather, she was under a different kind of influence altogether, ‘the social media influence’.


The facebook post was brought to the notice of investigators by her friends. She posted that “this happy song makes me so happy”.

Investigator’s found out that she had made the posting a few seconds before the crash. The driver of the truck she crashed into was unhurt.

She must have taken her eyes off the road for a few seconds before the crash but she probably forgot that that’s how long it takes to crash and die. There are many warnings against the use of mobile phones while driving but people just choose not to heed the warnings.

She could have crashed into another vehicle thereby maiming or probably killing someone else in the process. There is nothing so serious that couldn’t have waited till she got to her destination.

This tragic incident should serve as a warning and a deterrent to folks who are in the habit of either texting or making calls while driving. if the text or call is urgent, the driver can park in a safe place, finish the business before resuming driving.

Drivers should remember that for every time you are behind the wheel, your eyes must be on the road. That Facebook post is not important enough to lose your life over.


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