When A Woman’s Rapist Is Her Own Husband

When A Woman’s Rapist Is Her Own Husband

By Healthy Black Woman on November 1, 2014
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When you think about the word rape you are probably thinking about a woman who is abducted in the park or something along those lines. What you may not expect to hear is that so many women are raped by their husband because many do not feel that it is rape if you are married. Tell that to the wives.

Rape is defined as an act of forced sex. All it takes is a woman saying “no” or for her to feel threatened and it turns into a criminal offense. Below are the different types of rape that married women all over the country experience but seldom report:

1. Non-consensual – If a woman cannot speak to say if she does or does not want to have sex it is considered to be forcible. An example of this would be if a woman were asleep or were knocked out by a drug and her husband had sex with her while she was unconscious.

2. Giving in – Sometimes a wife feels that it is safer for her to just give in to her husband instead of putting up a fight or telling him no.

3. Forced – Rape is rape whether you are married or not and many men forget this. If a woman is held down, injured, or pushed around it is rape.

4. Manipulation – If a man knows that his wife is going to turn him down he will try to manipulate her into it. He will tell her that she isn’t good in bed anyway or that she isn’t a good wife she may sleep with him in order to try and prove him wrong. This is his intended outcome and although the woman isn’t being forced physically she is being mentally manipulated.

5. Taking a woman hostage – Some husbands will make sure that they are the dominating force in the relationship. They hold everything such as money and assets so that the wife feels that she has no other choice but to give him what he wants.

6. Threats – When a man threatens to beat his wife if she doesn’t have sex with him it is a form of rape. She doesn’t want to make him even more angry and so she will do what he wants.

If you know someone who is going through something like try to talk to them. Try to let them know that this is not okay by any means. Being married does not mean that they are not being raped.

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