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10 Other Things Women Fake With Their Husbands (Besides Sex)

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The unsaid conversation of women faking orgasms is well in the open and everybody knows about it. But there are other things too that women fake, besides sex.

It’s not about rampant lies or deception, but sometimes a little white lie is better than the truth, if only to keep that peace in the marriage.

Here are ten things women often fake in the presence of their husbands.

1. Telling them it must have been the dryer that ruined those old college sweat shirts

2. Yelling, “Come on, Kohli” every now and then during a cricket match. Or ‘pass’ and ‘offside’ during a football match.

3. By saying we barely sleep, when they’re away.

4. Pretending to not be geographically challenged.

5. Letting them think that the meal they cooked was wonderful, because it’s okay to eat a badly cooked meal than having to cook it yourself.

6. Pretending that you missed his message of wanting a fancy dinner tonight.

7. Pretending to be fast asleep when the kids wake up at night, so he will attend to them himself.

8. Letting him think that you are very fond of his mother and you both have the best time together.

9. Pretending to have a headache every time you don’t want to do a household chore.

10. Pretending your phone was on ‘silent’ mode when his relative called on the way to work.

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