10 Signs That You Start Liking Him More Than A Friend

10 Signs That You Start Liking Him More Than A Friend

By Beauty And Tips on September 18, 2014
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You are just good friends, right? Are you sure about that? Sometimes, we get so close to a friend that we cross that fine line between friendship and love. That’s not always a bad thing, but is it what you both really want, especially if you already love some else? Like all boundaries, it is best to know that you are approaching them, so read on, and find out more, about the ten signs that you are starting to like him more than simply a friend:

1. You start to talk every day and, may be, you even talk for a long time

When you stop calling, just to touch base, and you start calling each other every day, then you are becoming more attached to the guy. The one to really watch out for, is the ‘Goodnight call’. That’s the one where you can’t get to sleep until you have talked to him first.

2. You have become overprotective and you want to be there for him all the time

When you are on the verge of becoming more than just friends, you become very protective over the other person. You want to know that they got home safely and you want to share their woes. Friends are there to help each other, when they are really needed; lovers are there all the time.

3. You feel jealous, when he is with someone else

If it bugs you, when he goes on a date with another woman, then you are moving well beyond the friend stage. So he’s out with another girl, what does that matter to a friend? But if to you it does, then he is more than just a friend for you.

4. A peck on the cheek is not enough, you always want more

If that friendly kiss on the cheek leaves you wanting for more, then you are nearing the point of no return. You are beginning to wish that you could be closer, even if you are pretending to yourself that you don’t.

5. You are sharing even the most personal secrets

Even the closest of friends don’t open up to each other completely. People who are attracted to each other can’t help but share intimate secrets with each other, so is your sharing crossing the line?

6. You prefer to be alone together

Do you stay at the party? Or do you leave early together? If you’d rather not share your time together with other people and spend more quiet moments alone instead, then you are definitely approaching more of an intimate relationship.

7. You often find you and him looking at each other

If you are sitting at a crowded table and when you look up at him, he is already looking at you, then the chemistry that is there and it is more than pure friendship.

8. Your friends start to suspect

You can’t hide it, and if your feelings are growing stronger, then your friends will notice. They will start to make thinly veiled comments about your ‘friend’, because they will be keen to learn the truth. There’s nothing better than a bit of gossip!

9. You have started to meet for ‘dates’

You might not call them dates, but, come on, friends don’t go for cosy dinners for two in swanky restaurants together. There is a difference between a date and a night out with friends. The real giveaway is in the ‘S’, as in the friend (S)!

10. You have started to picture a future together

So you may not have actually made any firm plans, but, if you have thought about a future with this guy, even if only for a brief moment, then he has definitely been moved from the friend zone.

Do you think that simple friendship between men and women is possible?

Stay happy!

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