10 Habits Men Hate In Women

10 Habits Men Hate In Women

By The Times of India on February 6, 2014
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We women think we are perfect and we sure are. But there are times (admit it) when we do some less-than-perfect things that annoy the beejesus out of the significant others in our lives. If only men knew how to take a chill pill. *rolls eyes*.  Well, to keep the ‘important’ men in our lives happy, how about we tone down the drama a wee bit? Here’s a heads up on the top 10 things men hate in their women.

1. Broken nail situations: Men don’t understand the fact that a chipped nail is a life-ending situation for us. The whole wardrobe falls apart if a single stitch is out of place. So when we wail over a broken nail, they… errr… hate it. So here’s what you do, ladies: Sulk on the inside, smile on the outside. It’s a tough life. *sigh*

2. 10-sec communication: We are very caring and want to know if our man’s okay or not; so calling or texting him every other hour is justified, right? Sadly, it’s often taken the wrong way and we’re thought of as clingy. What do you do? Wait for him to call, of course! Oh, a be a little distant too, if you know what we mean 😉

3. Fake it: Men don’t like it when we fake it, orgasms or otherwise. They want us to be just who we are, all the time. The poker face that you sometimes put on when you step outside does become an object of hatred for men.

4. I-spy: Love makes us want to know everything about our man. So checking his phone, going through his drawer et al is mandatory. But before you go all Nancy Drew on him, just stop to think if you’d like it if he did the same. You sure don’t want him to find those granny panties, do you? So you have your teeny weeny secrets and let him have his.

5. Fashionably late: Nope, men are completely alien to the term fashionably late. They want everything on time, and so girls, to keep them happy, it’s better if we start getting dressed for the party hours in advance. Being late just isn’t in their dictionary.

6. Calorie counter: We all swear by the tagline ‘a moment on your lips, forever on your hips’, but men don’t understand that.  If you keep counting calories and talking diets to him, his appetite and love for you is going to fly out the window. So eat less and count the calories in your head. We women are made to live the hard life!

7. Talk much: Well, if our man’s not doing the talking, then somebody has to, right? So we take all the stories we’ve got and spill ’em for the entertainment of all around. Hardly a man-pleasing habit, girls. Men prefer to maintain their silence. So to keep your man happy, keep your wagging tongue shut inside our mouth and use sparingly.

8. Nagging: Okay, this is one trait no one loves. Neither men, nor women! Someone constantly telling you what to do, finding fault in everything you do… Remember, nagging is banned from the relationship manual.

9. Jealousy: We do love a man getting all possessive but the moment it gets borderline psychopathic we sure do show him door, right? So imagine if we go all crazy-bitch on our man just because he hugged another woman? Ignore those jealousy pangs, we say, even if you are longing to gouge out the eyes of the woman holding your man.

10. Fat fixation: Men hate it when we ask it over and over again, and in spite of their answer, repeat the question another ten times. Men like women with confidence, who can decide for themselves and not have to ask all and sundry about how they look. Tip: Don’t ask him this question. Wait for your bestie and ask her about it instead. She will be honest and even when you ask the same question a hundred times, she probably won’t bat an eyelid.

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