10 Unbelievable Foods That Will Give You Huge Orgasms

10 Unbelievable Foods That Will Give You Huge Orgasms

By Healthy Black Woman on July 27, 2015
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For many people an orgasm is something that they can only dream about. Often times the lack of the Big O can be caused by poor circulation in your body. Nutritionist Ishi Khosla states that there are foods that you can eat that will help your circulation so that you can finally get what it is you are looking for. They are all very healthy foods as well that have many other benefits:

1. Spicy – Spicy foods are great for your circulation. Crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, and chili pepper are all great foods that can have your blood circulating much better than before. You will also notice that these types of foods help to clear up congestion or your clogged sinuses.

2. Seeds – Pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, and soybeans to name a few are great for your hormones. Pumpkin seeds can help to raise the amount of testosterone in your body which is one of the main hormones when dealing with libido. Your testosterone levels can also be helped with a tablespoon of flaxseed every day.

3. Garlic – Even though it can make your breath stink garlic is known for is libido-boosting powers. Just make sure that you brush your teeth well or pop some gum in your mouth after!

4. Dark chocolate – Chocolate can help to make you happy. It contains phenethylamine which boosts your hormones and the chemicals in your brain that trigger happy and peaceful emotions. These emotions can help you to be in the mood and ready to go.

5. Greens – Spinach has a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are essential to our wellbeing. Vitamin E is found in spinach. This vitamin helps boost the hormones that are responsible for your s*x drive which in turn makes you a little feistier.

6. Nuts – Cashews, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts are all energy-boosting foods that help with stamina.

7. Olive oil – A healthy alternative to vegetable oil, olive oil has been known to help testosterone production.

8. Bananas – This heart-healthy fruit is loaded with potassium which helps to keep your muscles healthy. They also have a lot of vitamin B which boost energy and they are known to boost testosterone too!

9. Fruits – Fruits such as strawberries and blackberries contain a lot of vitamin C which can help boost energy and blood flow. They also increase sp*rm production which can be great if you are trying to get pregnant.

10. Seafood – Seafood has Omega-3 fatty acids which gives your system a huge boost. It increases libido and your metabolism to give you energy. Oysters are known aphrodisiacs due to the zinc that is found in them which boost testosterone levels.

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