This 11-Year-Old Girl’s Break Up Text To Cheating Boyfriend Will Make Your...

This 11-Year-Old Girl’s Break Up Text To Cheating Boyfriend Will Make Your Day (PHOTOS)

It’s a sad thing to find out that someone you love s much is cheating on you but this 11-year-old girl’s viral break up messages to her cheating boyfriend couldn’t be more hilarious.

Heartbroken Kaitlyn Nickens of Plano, Texas, decided to end it all after she found out that
her boyfriend named, Joey, was cheating.

She confronted him and subsequently ignored his explanations and pleas for forgiveness.

Nickens went further to warn him to desist from speaking to her again in school.

When the cheating boyfreind pressed on, Nickens signed off with a very funny line that read, “Ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause you’re not on my level.”

Her elder sister, Madi Nickens, got hold of of the text messages while her heartbroken sister was fast asleep on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

After going through the funny messages, she decided to post it on the social media making her sister an internet sensation ever since.

In an exclusive interview with Mirror Online, Nickens revealed she had no idea the messages had been posted online until her 17-year-old sister burst into her bedroom and declared: “You’re famous!”

Nickens had been hailed by people across the globe for her bravery and creativity in ending the relationship.

Her older sister said she has had people contacting her from Sweden, Australia, Mexico and across the USA after she posted the funny messages.

She said, “I never expected anything like this. I just thought my friends would find it funny.

“She only found out the day after when I went in her room and said: ‘you’re famous’.

“I showed her the tweets and at first she was really mad but then she thought it was really funny. My friends can’t believe it.”

The younger Nickens’ said she nearly slapped her sister out of fury after she learnt of the leaked messages.

She said, “It feels really weird. When I found out (that Madi had taken her phone) I almost slapped her!

“She showed me the amount of re-tweets and mentions and I was kind of mad but after a while I started laughing about it!”

She added, “It’s quite easy to stand up to boys. You just have to say what’s on your mind.

“After me and Joey broke up, him and Natalie started going out. It was kind of upsetting but then they broke up and now me and Natalie are best friends.

“One of my friends called him up and asked if he’d seen everything over the internet and he said ‘yea’, but nothing else.”

On her new found fame, Nickens said: “It is pretty cool because a lot of people are commenting and supporting me.

“One person said I was a ‘women’s hero’ which I thought was cool. I don’t talk to Joey at school because of what happened. It will probably be quite awkward now.”


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