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#Soundoff: In 2023, Rigging Has Moved From Manual To Technical (MUST READ)

Must read

There have been consistent improvements in Nigeria’s election management processes. At least since 1999. Yet, the assumption that the system is now beyond reproach is not founded on anything substantial.

While it has understandably become increasingly difficult to manually rig elections. It has also, by that same token, become easier to technically or electronically manipulate elections.

This is known to at least those who have invested time and energy to study INEC’s systems. I expect opposition parties, especially those who are making serious bids about the presidency in 2023, to take up these issues. Labour Party, for instance, can commission a team of experts to go through the voter register, detect the suspected fake and underage registrations, and officially make objections to INEC before the window for redress closes.

Without insisting on a credible voter register and multi-stakeholder integrity tests on INEC’s BVAS, ABIS, and IREV systems, Nigerians can as well kiss goodbye to 2023.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Those who see that there is a risk of system compromise, but for one reason or the other, fail to do all they can to stop it will not enjoy my sympathy when the avoidable happens.

Africa’s morning will come.

Chima Christian is public policy analyst, good governance advocate, former broadcast journalist, media consultant, change maker, and a budding politician.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

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