3 Top Career Challenges You May Be Struggling With

3 Top Career Challenges You May Be Struggling With

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on January 31, 2019
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Learn about the typical career challenges that experts face worldwide. Taking some precautions help to overcome this crisis in the very beginning. Notice these tips as they will help you pass career challenges.

Struggles over Your Career

Many experts claim that the most challenging period of your career occurs right after you’ve finished college. Studies show that the highest employment rate was in 2016, because of a high demand on the market. Unemployment dropped even more in 2017. Everything changed in 2018 when competition among graduates intensified tremendously.

Choosing a career path remains a tough task for many students. Having little experience in business, students usually are confused about their preferences and goals. Sometimes the best solution is to ask for additional help on special services. For example, lots of students create their first CVs with CraftResumes to be sure that any job opportunity won’t be left behind.

Employers expect candidates to possess every skill they desire. They are interested in hiring professionals of the field, but at the same time, they attract recent graduates with a little knowledge of sphere. Why? Those employees who have started their career in a particular company are most likely to ask for a low salary. That’s why there’re so many unpaid internships, which are created for students to help them gain the needed skills before being employed on a regular basis.

Ways to Deal with Mid-Career Crisis

Being employed for 10-year means that one is going to face mid-career crisis. People usually suffer from decreasing motivation and productivity accompanied by major doubts about their future goals. This period often occurs simultaneously with a middle age crisis. This is why career planning is of great importance. Map out every 5 years of your development. Take a holistic approach with envisioning of how your job coexists with your personal life.

We suggest treating career development as a business plan. Polish the scheme till you achieved perfection and revise it yearly or even twice a year.

Sometimes even experienced employees are lacking motivation to develop further skills. Eventually, it is a result of procrastination, boredom and even depression.

You should understand what makes your work so unpleasant for you. Do you lack acknowledgement, or do your colleagues or boss dismiss your ideas regularly? You will have to contact your boss and HR department letting them know that you are seeking a promotion. Support your request by adding valuable results of your work and profits a company receive from your participation.

Success is About Making Brave Choices

Starting to learn something new is always a good idea. Visit conferences, join extra courses in company or become an auditing student at university. In case the situation remains the same, consider changing company. Maybe you have always wanted to launch a business instead of sitting in the office.

Unfortunately, your age plays a significant role in your career. Some experts report many professionals in their 50ies are in danger of losing their jobs because of budget cuts, merging and increased competition among employees. The stakes of getting hired on equivalent or better positions are rather low.

We have defined some strict timeline for struggles. In reality, a crisis is very individual just like personalities and careers. The middle-age doubts may hit a 25-year old professional. The need for switching a career may hit months after recent graduate finds a job. Remember that you are the only one defining what is normal for you.


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