5 Fitness Tips That Allow Women To Enjoy Life More

5 Fitness Tips That Allow Women To Enjoy Life More

By Charlie Brown | Writer-At-Large on December 21, 2017
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Many women are inclined to believe that fitness is something they can only achieve if they hit the gym and start doing some really heavy lifting or using the array of shiny machines that every modern gym seems to be equipped with. Neither do they have to follow rigorous diets that take the fun out of eating nor do they need to lift heavy weights. If this surprises you then read on.

List out Some Short-Term Goals

Since the concept of being fit can be quite nebulous, you need to fix some short-term goals so that you can find out whether your fitness activities are indeed giving you the results you want. These goals can range from losing a few inches around your waist, a few pounds of your weight, or the ability to cover a specific distance in a particular time, etc. Make sure that the goals are realistic, otherwise, you will end up demotivated. Once you achieve a particular goal, you should try and improve on it. However, remember each successive iteration can be more difficult.

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Start Your Day with a Morning Walk or a Gentle Jog

You can witness a significant difference to your health, both physical and mental, with a morning walk for about 30-45 minutes. Walk fast enough to work up a light sweat but if you have not been walking in recent times, you can start slowly and scale up both the duration and pace over a few weeks. The point is to enjoy the experience as much as it is to work up your heartbeat and your muscles. If walking in the morning is not practical then take an evening walk instead. Jogging is not recommended if you are over 40 because you could end up injuring your joints. If you are interested in building your body strength, you can start using dumbbells at home and buy the best steroids for strength online after consulting a professional trainer.

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Pay Attention to Eating and Drinking

Start your day with a cup of green tea that’s simply great for getting rid of the antioxidants and a breakfast with a proper balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. It is very important not to skip your breakfast; it gives you the energy that you need and also ensures that you don’t eat too much at lunchtime. Having breakfast helps to keep your body weight in check. If you feel hungry before lunch, eat some fruit or a salad but make it a point to stay away from junk food. Keep yourself properly hydrated with lots of water or fresh fruit juice; don’t drink too much tea or coffee. Water not only replaces essential salt and minerals but also boosts metabolism helping to burn fat.


To stay fit and healthy, you don’t have to hit the gym; there are a lot of daily activities that can really burn calories and tone your muscles. These include mopping the floor, washing the bathroom, washing clothes the old-fashioned way with bare hands, choosing to walk instead of taking the car, climbing stairs and not taking the elevator etc.

Author Bio: Sandra Willis writes on women’s health and fitness issues for a leading lifestyle magazine. She has earlier published an article comparing the best steroids for strength for women.


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