5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Egypt

5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Egypt

beaches in Egypt
View of the Red Sea at Hurghada, Egypt

What’s an EgyptTrip with a visit to the beautiful beaches? Egypt’s beaches offer visitors much more than sunny, carefree days on the sand. To combine some of Egypt’s most well-known tourist destinations and historical tours with days at the beach, many resort beach towns scattered across the extensive stretch of Egypt’s Red Sea coastline are a day-trip distance from the temples and tombs of Luxor. The Sinai Peninsula’s desert and rocky mountains surround the resort towns of South Sinai, so if you’re looking for something to do, you can go hiking and camel riding in addition to lounging in the sun.

Dahab Lagoon

Central Dahab doesn’t have much beach despite being situated along the South Sinai coast. There is more rock than sand along this beach area. Go to the protected bay known as Dahab Lagoon just to the south of the town if you’re looking for a natural beach. With the jagged Sinai Mountain Range in the background, this curved stretch of golden sand borders the bay.

The Lagoon region focuses more on tourists who want to laze around on the sand. At the same time, Dahab continues to be known for its scuba diving prospects (it is Egypt’s top destination for learning to dive) and its backpacker-friendly lodging options.


Before the gorgeous beach being abandoned to deteriorate due to politics and tensions with Israel, Nuweiba was a booming beach resort in the 1970s. The beach is currently a basic, unremarkable location, with a Bedouin village in its most fascinating area. Nuweiba city, which is situated on the Gulf of Aqaba, may be underdeveloped in comparison to developed resorts like Sharm El Sheikh, but it just adds to the allure. Arabic for “bubbling springs,” the seven-kilometer-long stretch of sand is now a well-liked rest stop on the Egyptian trekking trail. It is an excellent place to spend a few days exploring the local culture and discovering the area’s natural beauties. A great place to visit on your EgyptTrip.

Naama Bay

It is simple to understand why this is one of Egypt’s most well-liked beaches because of the white sand beaches that attractively contrast with the Red Sea’s deep blue waters. Naama Bay, located in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt’s most famous beach resort town, is an excellent place for vacations with several generations because it has family-friendly resorts and a variety of activities for both adults and children. Additionally, Naama Bay is home to top-notch diving locations with amazing marine life. To get a closer look at the vibrant reefs, you can either sign up for a diving session according to your experience level or go on a boat and snorkeling nearby.

Agiba Beach, Mersa Matruh

Travelers from other countries might not be as familiar with this famous Egyptian beach. The modest yet sparkling treasure of Agiba, Arabic for “wonder,” is located on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast 24 kilometers west of Mersa Matruh. Only a rock trail leading from the clifftop above provides access to the curved section of the beach. Once on the sand, it is difficult not to be astounded by the water’s translucent hue and the sun’s sparkling reflection. The peak of the summer, though, sees a fair amount of activity here as people enjoy days out, but the rest of the year, it’s nearly deserted.


Another popular vacation spot for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and water sports is El Fanar beach. This sandy beach is positioned between the rocks and the sea, is guarded by a historic lighthouse, and is backed by a rough bluff. Like every other beach in Sharm El Sheikh, you can swim, snorkel, dive, and enjoy the magnificent underwater coral reefs.


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