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5 Movie Themed Slots Available On The Internet

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you the type of individual who absolutely loves movies? If so, you will agree that video games are better when they’re themed based on movies. With that being said, you have probably spent a little bit of time and energy playing games that were themed in this manner. And, you will agree that some have been better than others. So, which slots are actually the best in this specific category? You’ll find out in the guide below.

Nacho Libre

mobile internet
Still shot from Nacho Libre | Paramount Pictures

Did you watch the Nacho Libre movie back in the day? If you did, you probably had a blast watching it. After all, the movie was incredibly funny. It featured Jack Black as the lead. What was the movie about? Well, it was about a small wrestler in a foreign country. It was very good at the time and managed to attract a lot of attention. Well, the quirky characters are now featured in their very own slot game. Be sure to check it out for yourself. You’ll have as much fun as you did watching the movie.

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura
Jimmy Carey in the film Ace Ventura | Warner Bros

Back in the day, you probably remember watching Ace Ventura with Jim Carey. Well, this was one of the funniest movies of that time. Now, it has been transformed into a slot machine game. And, it is really one of the most popular games on the Internet. It is funny and there is a good chance that you’re going to win some money along the way. This is definitely a game that everyone will want to consider playing in the future.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

A stillshot from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” | New Line Cinema

Who can ignore this horror classic? A Nightmare On Elm Street was really one of the greatest horror movies of the past thirty years or so. When you visit https://www.poker338.net, you’re going to find out very quickly that pretty much everyone loves playing A Nightmare On Elm Street. The game is lots of fun and it offers a chance to win real money. The next time you feel a little brave, you should try testing your luck with this slot machine game. Either way, you can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the experience.


A promotional poster from Anchorman | Dreamworks

If you’re a fan of Will Farrell, you will definitely remember his Anchorman movie. Did you know that it was turned into a slot machine game? Well, it was and you’ll definitely want to check it out in the near future. This is an incredibly cool slot game. It offers cool characters and funny characters that you will remember. If you have a little free time in your schedule, you can always spend it with your friend the Anchorman.

Basic Instinct

basic instinct
A still shot of Sharon Stone in the movie, Basic Instinct | TristarBasic Instinct

Finally, you have Basic Instinct. This movie made a lot of stars back in the day. And of course, it is one of the most memorable movies of the past generation. Now, you can relive the excitement by playing the Basic Instinct game. If you were a fan of this classic film, you’ll definitely love the casino game. Be sure to check it out when you have a chance to do so!

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