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6 Athletic Kama Sutra Bedroom Positions You Should Try [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

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If sex were an Olympic sport, we’re pretty sure Cosmo readers would dominate. So we asked Eric Garrison, sex expert and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex, to come up with athletic, kama sutra-eque sex positions. These will help you go for the, uh, gold.

1. Have Sex Like a…Swimmer
Lie on your stomach with your legs apart, and your arms up above your head like you’re doing the butterfly stroke. Have your guy lay on top of you and enter you from behind. This position is great for g-spot and c-spot access (you can rub against the mattress), plus you can bring your feet closer together for a tighter fit.

2. Have Sex Like a…Gymnast
Get on your back and bend your knees up toward your head (or if you’re feeling flexible, straighten your legs and bring them behind you so that your toes touch the floor, and use your hands to support your back). Your man should kneel so that he can enter you—this angle allows for super-intense deep penetration. Bonus tip: Have him hold onto your hips for extra stability.

3.Have Sex Like a…Wrestler
Lie on your sides so that you’re both facing each other, and scissor your legs through his. It’s an intimate move since you get to be superclose, plus you’ll love all the c-spot action. Try grinding against his pelvis in a slow, circular motion for an explosive O.

4. Have Sex Like an…Equestrian Rider
This one’s a twist on missionary—put your right leg over his right shoulder (left leg on the bed), then switch legs whenever you want a slightly different sensation. His hands will be free to roam all of your hot spots, so take advantage.

5. Have Sex Like a…Weightlifter
Bend over near a wall (you can put your hands against it for stability), and have him enter you from behind, like he’s “spotting” you. You can vary the angle by moving your back closer and further away from his chest, so he can hit just the right spot.

6. Have Sex Like a…Diver
Start in traditional cowgirl, then turn 90 degrees to your right (so your arms are behind you on the left side of his body). The rotation stimulates both you and your guy in different ways than you’re used to, and you’ll be sure to get yours since you control the depth and speed.

(via Made Man)

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