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6 Reasons You Could Be Overeating

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Here are reasons why you could be eating more than you should

Do you go crazy with excitement every time you see your favourite food or order all the interesting dishes on the menu just because you can’t decide on one? Is binge eating while watching TV or allowing yourself a treat while on a diet familiar to you? No matter how you describe these situations, overeating is never a good idea. Identifying the triggers of overeating and following a few steps make keep you from eating more than you should. Read on to know more what could be causing you to overeat…

1. Friend circle
There are times when even if you are on a healthy diet, you end up going to restaurants with friends and get tempted to have fried food. Remind yourself of your healthy diet plans because you want to lose weight and stay fit — it will make you feel better for yourself, not for your friends. Be firm and stick to your decision. Soon your friends will accept your choices and maybe even start following the same.

2. Crockery
The size of your crockery could be a major contributor to overeating. Big, fancy plates might look great in restaurants but for everyday meals, plates should ideally be medium or slightly small. Make the change and see how it affects your food intake.

3. Burning out
More often than not, we end mistaking symptoms of tiredness for hunger. Make sure you get enough sleep every night — anything between six to eight hours. Also keep a note of the times when you feel the most tired. Once you figure out a pattern, you can fight it by opting for healthier snacks instead of gorging on junk food.

4. Fast eating
Do you gobble up your food and finish your meal in less than 10 minutes? If you can clean your plate in less than 20 minutes, you could be at risk of overeating. Eat slowly and savour every morsel — chew your food properly and put the fork or spoon down after every bite.

5. Boredom
How many times have you plonked yourself in front of the TV and reached out for a pack of munchies? Even at work, there are times you are unhappy and end up munching something. Experts say there are millions who overeat just because either they’re bored or have nothing interesting to do. It is time to identify to the root of the problem, whether at home or at work. Keep yourself busy so that you don’t end up overeating.

6. Dehydration
When you haven’t had enough fluids, you tend to overeat. Make sure you keep sipping on water throughout the day. Start a habit of drinking a glass of water before every meal, one as soon as you wake up and one just before you turn in for the day.

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